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Pan American Games MAG AA Live Blog

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This is the live blog for the All-Around Final at the 2023 Pan American Games. Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. The Live Stream and Live Scoring are at the bottom of the page!

Final Standings:

  1. Felix Dolci (CAN) - 82.531

  2. Diogo Soares (BRA) - 81.865

  3. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 81.764

  4. Cameron Bock (USA) - 80.698

  5. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) - 80.165

  6. Joel Alvarez (CHI) - 78.930

Donnell Whittenburg (USA - HB) tak 1/2 to open into a lay tkatchev, quast, giant 1/2, a little bit of form issues with the tak full but it finishes well, just a small small hop on the double double.

Diogo Soares (BRA - HB) Good through the tak full and 1/2, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev so no connections there, one arm giant, a small step on the full twisting double layout. That's a likely podium.

Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA - HB) He is standout here, tak 1/2 into the Liukin, good on the tak full to yami, lay to straddle tkatchev, quast, stalder, near stick ont he double double. It was beautiful routine. 14.500

William Emard (CAN - HB) Yami to open and then he hops off. Actually several falls. I'm wondering if he might have a rip or some other problem because he keeps looking at his hand. 9.066

Felix Dolci (CAN - HB) Fall on the straddle Tkatchev. It's going to make this race for the aA title VERY tight. great landing on the dismount. 12.833

Rotation 6


After 5:

  1. Felix Dolci (CAN) - 69.698

  2. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 68.698

  3. Diogo Soares (BRA) - 68.265

  4. Cameron Bock (USA) - 68.232

  5. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) - 66.932

  6. William Emard (CAN) - 66.598

Andres Moreno (COL - FX) runs out of the double double, beautiful connection for the second, back 2.5 to front lay, back lay to back 1.5 to front tuck full with a small hop, dismounts with a beautiful stuck triple full

Donnell Whittenburg (USA - PB) A bit of a struggle on the Whippett, Healy, Peach, big straddle on the peach 1/2 lots of walking, nice Belle, STICKS the dismount.

Diogo Soares (BRA - PB) Diam to open, giant, front uprise, good rhythm on the Makuts but a slight leg separation, 3/4 Diam, Stutz, really fought for the stick but ends up needing a hop on the dismount. 13.833 Up into second behind Dolci with Whittenburg to go!

Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA - PB) Has a fall which is really going to hurt his ability to earn that Olympic spot. And now a second fall. That's almost certainly going to take him out. 10.833

William Emard (CAN - PB) kip to open, BIG BIG BIG push into the Whippet, 1/2, Diam, Giant, Oh wow. He has to fall off on the Harada. Looks like maybe he got a rip? He's looking at his hands a lot.

Felix Dolci (CAN - PB) Healy, peach 1/2, Diam, Big front 1 1/4, Tippelt, Stutz, STUCK double front 1/2 out. 14.366

Cameron Bock (USA - PB) This is a really strong routine for him. He did have a fall in qualifying here, but so far it's beautiful. nearly stuck double piked dismount! 14.300

Josue Andres (PUR - FX) a little deep in the double front, front double full to front layout, was a bit out of sorts on the third pass (triple full?). Nice layout, Sticks the double full, Back 2.5 to end! 12.866

Rotation 5


After 4

1. Félix Dolci (CAN) - 55.332

2. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 55.098

3. William Emard (CAN) - 54.832

4. Diogo Soares (BRA) - 54.432

5. Cameron Bock (USA) - 53.932

6. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) 53.399

7. Dilan Jimenez (COL) - 53.399

8. Diorges Escobar (CUB) 53.165

Diorges Escobar (CUB - HB) Zou Li Min to open, tak full is just a little take, really nice tak 1/2 into Tkatchev, Straddle to pike Tkatchev, double double with a step back! 13.433

Diogo Soares (BRA - VT) Yurchenko double full. He is down on difficulty fron all of the rest in this rotation. Everyone else had a 5.2 in difficulty. His will get a 4.8. 14.033

Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA - VT) Shewfelt (Yurchenko entry with 2.5 twists) 14.333

Will Emard (CAN - VT) And again a Kas 1.5 14.366

Felix Dolci (CAN - VT) and it's another Kas 1.5 Blythe Lawrence said it's a festival of Kas 1.5's 14.400

Cameron Bock (USA - VT) Same vault as his teammate - as Kas 1.5 - small hop on the landing. 14.166

11:20 am Donnell Whittenburg (USA - VT) Does his simpler vault (Kas 1.5) but it's well done. good height and direction. Does have some tucked knees in the air but lands well! 14.266

Rotation 4


After 3:

  1. Felix Dolci (CAN) - 40.932

  2. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 40.932

  3. William Emard (CAN) - 40.466

  4. Dilan Jimenez (COL) - 40.433

  5. Diogo Soares (BRA) - 40.399

  6. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) - 40.066

  7. Cameron Bock (USA) - 39.666

  8. Julian Jato (ARG) - 39.665

Isaac Nunez (MEX - VT) really flairs out of the Kas full! Just a little bit off line

Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA - SR) This is not his strongest event. In fact he hasn't competed it internationally in a long time. But he started training it again not to long ago. small bobble on the handstand, goes well through the swinging elements to L sit, does bend his elbow a bit on the dismount but has a good landing on the 1.5 twisting dismount. 12.500

Joel Alvarez (CHI - VT) Kas full with a great landing. 13.733

William Emard (CAN - SR) This is a standout event for him. So much difficulty and a STUCK dismount.

Santiago Mayol (ARG - VT) Kas 1.5. 13.566

Felix Dolci (CAN - SR) kip to maltese is a little high, iron cross, kip to planche, a little leg separation up to the handstand but better on the second one, smooth on the swinging elements into the straddle sit, just a small hop back on the dismount. 14.033

Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM - VT) WOWOWOW! BIG Dragulescu right down the middle. Just a small hop. He is one of the athletes in contention to earn his ticket to the Olympics via placement in the AA. 14.600

Cameron Bock (USA -SR) kip to maltese, kip to straddle planche to planche (good), both handstands are well-held, good jami to joh to straddle sit, his handstands are on today! OH NO! He stumbled back on the double double tuck dismount. It was SO good til then. 12.766

Rodrigo Gomez (MEX - VT) Kas Double 13.866

Donnell Whittenburg (USA - SR) backuprise maltese and push to planche, azarian iron cross is in a really good position, kip to handstand (small bend), joh to yami to maltese. This one was a bit higher. The second planche is good, STICKS the double double! WOW! 14.566

10:57 Diogo Soares (BRA - SR) Missed the opening but His swinging elements to handstand is beautiful, some slight bobbles on the last handstand, but sticks the full-in! 13.233

Rotation 3


After 2:

  1. Dilan Jimenez (COL) - 27.533

  2. Diogo Soarez (BRA) - 27.166

  3. Cameron Bock (USA) - 26.900

  4. Felix Dolci (CAN) - 26.899

  5. Will Emard (CAN) - 26.733

  6. Andres Marinez Moreno (COL) - 26.666

  7. Jose Lopez (PUR) - 26.466

  8. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 26.366

Caleb Faulk (JAM - PB) Peach to L sit, slight leg separation on the Healy and the Diam, 1/2, straddle cut, Stutz, double tuck to end.

Felix Dolci (CAN - PH) As with many of the all-arounders, this is absolutely the weakest event in Dolci's program. He fell in qualifications but not today. It's a VERY short routine, but a hit for him! 12.333

Jorge Lopez (PUR - PB) - 13.066

Cameron Bock (USA - PH) C scissor to open, nice spindle to open, goes well through the Soeckli and the D flop, Sivado into the dismount and it's a hit! 13.700

Donnell Whittenburg (USA - PH) What Donnell does well here is keeps his legs glued together but he does consistently have a piked shape throughout which hurts his score, He did have to push a bit into the dismount but I think he will get credit. 12.466

Dilan Jimenez (COL - PB)peach to 1 bar, healy, lovely giants to Tippelt, 1/2, beautiful Bhavsar, lovely full twisting double back off the end of the bars! I wish more gymnasts would use dismounts at the end of p bars! 13.700

10:36 am Diogo Soares (BRA - PH) C scissor to open, nicely into the Busnari, some slight leg separations throughout but he flies up well to the dismount!

10:34 am Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA - PH) It's a pretty clean routine but also one with fairly low difficulty. He did was he needed to there and dismounts with a triple russian. 11.933

Rotation 2


After 1:

  1. Felix Dolci (CAN) -14.566

  2. Will Emard (CAN) - 14.400

  3. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 13.900

  4. Dilan Jimenez (COL) - 13.833

  5. Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA) - 13.833

  6. Cesar Lopez (ECU) - 13.500

  7. Jose Lopez (PUR) - 13.400

  8. Diogo Soarez (BRA) - 13.400

  9. Cameron Bock - 13.200

10:25 am Felix Dolci (CAN - FX) front full to double front pike, just a small hop on the double double, front lay to Randi again just a small hop on the landing. good double front tuck, back 2.5 to front tuck 1/2, STUCK triple full to end!

10:23 Cameron Bock (USA - FX) big OOB with the opening double front, just looks not quite as steady as usual. on the second pass as well. Back 1.5 to front tuck full, triple full with a small step back. 13.200

10:19 Donnel Whittenburg (USA - FX) Front double full to double front, double double with a small hop, front full to double front pike with a deep landing, beautiful maltese on floor, small hop on the side double full, really fights for the stick on the back 2.5 to front layout, small small hop on the full in dismount. 13.900

Jose Lopez (PUR - VT) Handspring double front (Roche) Too much power and falls forward.

10:17 Diogo Soares (BRA - FX) small hop back on the double double

WOAH really low on the back 2.5 to front layout. I don't know how he saved that. front full to front tuck full. Sticks the side double full, Triple twist with a step back. 13.400

10:16 Dilan Jimenez (COL - VT) Kas 1.5. It was pretty clean in the air but he landed OOB 13.833

10:14 am Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA - FX) A fairly clean routine. Just some extra steps on the landing. 13.833

10:11 am Will Emard (CAN - FX) opens with a front double full to front full, Randi with a big step to the side, sticks the front double pike, 1/2 in 1/2 out with a strong landing, holds the wide arm handstand well, back 2.5 to front layout gets connection bonus, STUCK triple full to end. Wow. great start for him! 14.400

Will Emard (CAN), Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA), Diogo Soares (BRA), Donnell Whittenburg (USA), Cameron Bock (USA), and Felix Dolci (CAN) are in the top group. Of them, only Arthur Nory is eligible to win the Olympic spot as Canada and USA have already secured team quota's and Diogo Soares earned an individual spot at the World Championships.

10:04 am The Athletes are Marching in!

Rotation 1


What's At Stake

The all-around final will serve as a qualifying event for the 2023 Paris Olympic Games. The highest ranked male gymnast at the end of today's competition will earn that nominative spot for himself.



Article by: Kensley Behel


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