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2023 Xfinity U.S. National Gymnastics Championships Sr. Men's Live Blog Day 1.

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. This is the live blog for the Sr. Men at the 2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics Championships. Live Stream and Live Scoring links are at the bottom!

All scores are eligible for the bonus system. The Bonus system will not be used for World Team Selection.

Photo: Used with permission from the University of Michigan Athletic Department

A day 1 video recap can be found below!

Following Day 1, the highest scoring team (259.00) is Asher Hong, Yul Moldauer, Fred Richard, Khoi Young, and Paul Juda. Thank you to Spencer at the Balance Beam Situation for calculating the scores from Day 1!

Day 1 Event Results:

FX - Khoi Young - 14.650

PH - Stephen Nedoroscik - 15.457

SR - Donnell Whittenburg - 15.261

VT - Kameron Nelson - 13.950 average

PB - Curran Phillips - 16.147

HB - Fred Richard - 15.105

Day 1 All-Around Results

  1. Asher Hong - 85.615

  2. Yul Moldauer - 85.548

  3. Fred Richard - 85.469

  4. Khoi Young - 84.781

  5. Paul Juda - 84.352

  6. Colt Waker - 83.811

Asher (85.615), Yul (85.548), and Fred (85.469) will end the day as the top 3 in the all-around. And it's close. Very close.

They are separated by 0.146

Without bonus, the order flips to Yul (84.8), Fred (84.65), Asher (84.4)

Yul Moldauer (5280 - VT) Very nice Kas 1.5 with a small hop.

Asher Hong (Stanford - PH) good handstand position on the Li Ning, goes cleanly through the flairs sequence, looks like he might not have done his intended dismount.

Fred Richard (Michigan - PB) kip to handstand, OOOH was off on the stutz and had to walk his hands quite a bit, Bhavsar is good, Tippelt, Healy,

Diam, Stutz, double front with a small hop.

Rotation 6


After 5:

  1. Asher Hong - 72.165

  2. Yul Moldauer - 71.298

  3. Khoi Young - 71.102

  4. Paul Juda - 70.852

  5. Fred Richard - 70.769

  6. Donnell Whittenburg - 70.022

  7. Taylor Burkhart - 69.959

  8. Colt Walker - 69.911

Stephen Nedoroscik (EVO - PH) 15.457

Colt Walker (Stanford - FX) opens well with the double front pike, front full to front lay, back 1.5 to front tuck full, goes cleanly through the russians and handstand. Sticks the dismount.

Asher Hong started well on floor but fell midway through. His back 2.5 to front lay is so floaty and he stuck it. A small hop forward on the dismount. 14.650

Kameron Nelson (OSU - HB) Yami to open, I'm not quite sure what shape that release was in. It was sort of in between a Cassina and a Kolman to be honest. big leg split on the tak 1/2, good landing on the double double. 11.950

No Yurchenko double pike for Paul Juda today. 14.600 on the Kas 1.5

Khoi Young ( Stanford - FX) stuck double front tuck to open, stuck the second pass as well! and the double layout..... sticks the dismount as well! He really is shining here today! 14.650

Donnell Whittenburg (Salto - PB) Whippet, weird leg split on the Healy, peach, peach 1/2 but doesn't make it to handstand, arm bend on the handstand, Belle, Big front 1 1/4, STUCK double front 1/2 out. 13.450

Fred Richard (Michigan - VT) Big step forward on the Roche (handspring double front). 13.750

Taylor Christopulos (Nebraska - HB) zou li min, tak 1/2, Kolman, Kovacs ( a bit of bent arms), a little low on the straddle tkatchev, good stalder, quast, one-arm giant, double double with a small step. 13.000

Rotation 5


After 4:

  1. Asher Hong - 58.604

  2. Fred Richard - 57.019

  3. Yul Moldauer - 56.884

  4. Donnell Whittenburg - 56.572

  5. Khoi Young - 56.452

  6. Colt Walker - 56.361

  7. Paul Juda - 56.252

  8. Riley Loos - 55.805

Jeremy Bischoff (Stanfer - HB), endo to grip change, zoul li min, Kolman, Lay Tkatchev, Straddle Tkatchev, quite late on the tak 1/1,...stalder, STUCK double double.

Cameron Bock (Michigan - SR) Overall positions looked good. Step back on the dismount

Colt Walker (Stanford - HB) zou li min, tak 1/2 a little late, big Kolman, good Kovacs, lay tkatchev, falls on the straddle tkatchev, remounts and does the straddle to pike tkatchev connection, Sticks the double double dismount.

Asher Hong ( Stanford - HB). Zou Li Min, Kolman, Czech giant that he stalders out of, Big straddle Tkatchev, 1/2. good entry and exit of the tak 1/1, and good on the tak 1/2, just a small hop on the landing.

Fred Richard (Michigan - SR) Sticks the dismount!

Taylor Burkhard (Stanford - HB) yami to open, lay to straddle to pike Tkatchev, stalder Rybalko, Winkler, stalder, quast, releases a little close to the bar but sticks the double double straight dismount.

Shane Wiskus (EVO - FX) Missed most of the routine but he stuck the triple full dismount. 14.600

Brandon Briones (Stanford - HB) Opens with a Cassina, Kolman is good, Stalder to Stalder Tkatchev, Lay Tkatchev Rybalkbo..... Sticks the full-twisting lay tkatchev. 13.922

Josh Karnes (PSU - VT) Does the Kas double!!! some form to clean up but the landing was excellent! 14.152

Blake Sun (Stanford - HB) falls off on the lay Kovacs and stays down for about five seconds, remounts and finishes the routine well. 11.600

Chase Davenport - Mills (OSU - PB) mounts well, big arm bend on the peach, comes off on the front uprise, and again on the Stutz, and stumbles back on the double pike. 10.200

Rotation 4


After 3:

  1. Asher Hong - 45.204

  2. Colt Walker - 43.411

  3. Khoi Young - 43.502

  4. Fred Richard - 42.969

  5. Riley Loos - 42.805

  6. Yul Moldauer - 42.655

  7. Paul Juda - 42.102

  8. Donnell Whittenburg - 42.022

Paul Juda (Michigan - PH) C Scissor to open and Scissor 1/2, starts his flair sequence well good into the Busnari and again, good on the spindles, side travel and very well into the dismount. Big smile from him as that is just about as good as he could do!

Curran Phillips (EVO - HB) Lay Tkatchev, Cassina, Kolman, Straddl to PIk Tkatchev, 1/2, Had the WIERDEST mistake on the tak skill. His foot got stuck. Shuffled through the end of the routine.

Colt Walker (Stanford - PB) Whippet, a little slow on the Makuts, peach, Giant Diam, Moy, good ont he Bhavsar, good turnover ont eh Tippelt, Healty, Stutz, double front with a hop forward. Good routine from him.

Asher Hong (Stanford - PB) Whippet, 1/2, peach, Bhavsar, 1/2, giant, BIG Tippelt, good on the Makuts, Healy, 1/2, Diam, Stutz, STUCK double front 1/2 out. WOW that was SO good.

Shane Wiskus (EVO - HB) Falls on the Cassina, remounts and does the Cassina again. Catches it this time, kicks out of the Kolman, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, zou li min, endo, stalder, on arm giant, quast, big step on the layout full-in dismount.

Yul Moldauer (5280 - FX) Randi with a small hop, big step back on the second pass, sticks the double front 1/2 out as he usually does, beautiful flairs, sticks the side double full, back 2.5 to very floaty layout, a little short on the triple full and has to hop forwards a bit. 14.000

Riley Loos (Stanford - PB) 1 bar to Healy, peach, giant, giant suarez, Healy Diam, Stutz, double front with a small hop. 14.300

Zach Nunez (Oklahoma - VT) Kas 1.5 with several steps backwards. 12.850

Rotation 3


After 2

  1. Curran Phillips - 30.797

  2. Asher Hong - 30.454

  3. Fred Richard - 29.169

  4. Khoi Young - 28.702

  5. Yul Moldauer - 28.655

  6. Brandon Briones - 28.600

  7. Riley Loos - 28.505

  8. Shane Wiskus - 28.400

Fred Richard (Michigan - FX) HUGE height on the opening pass. Possible went OOB, Lots of power today. Ends with a pretty good arabian double front 1/2 out.

Yul Moldauer (5280 - HB), Zou Li min, tak 1/1 (late), tak 1/2, catches the Kolman a bit under the bar, Rybalko, quast, one-arm giant, small step on the layout full-in dismount.

Shane Wiskus (EVO - PB) Whippet, Healy, peach, giant, Suarez, Diam, BIG Front 1 1/4, Bhavsar, Tippelt, OH NO. FAlls on the double front dismount. It was SO good til then.

Dallas Hale (Cypress - FX) Sticks the triple full dismount!

Asher Hong ( Stanford - VT) Very good on the Dragulescu. A -0.3 step on the landing.

Khoi Young (Stanford - VT) WOW!!!! Gorgeous Handspring Randi! Probably the best I've ever seen him do! 15.402

Riley Loos ( Stanford - VT) Handspring Randi. A little bit of form in the air but lands well. 14.502

Curran Phillips (EVO - PB) Mounts well, Diam 1/2, Stutz, Diam from upper arms, a little slow on the Makuts, Goes well through the Middle, Front 1 1/4, Diam, just a small hop on the dismount. 16.147

Rotation 2


After 1:

  1. Yul Moldauer - 15.805

  2. Fred Richard - 15.105

  3. Asher Hong - 14.999

  4. Curran Phillips - 14.650

  5. Shane Wiskus - 14.500

  6. J.R. Chou - 14.300

  7. Donnell Whittenburg - 14.261

  8. Brandon Briones - 14.250

Fred Richard (Michigan - HB) 1/2, Cassina, and HUGE Kolman, lay tkatchev, Straddle to pike Tkatchev, quast to 1-arm giant, 1/2 tak 1/1.. tak 1/2, double double with a small hop.

Donnell Whittenburg (Salto - FX) sticks the front full to double front tuck, bounds out of bounds on the second pass, sticks the front full to double front pike, Back 2.5 to barani, and finishes the routine well. 14.261

Yul Moldauer (5280 - PB) kip to handstand, peach is a little short but good on the 1/2, and the Diam , Giant Diam, Good on the Makuts, and again on the 2nd Makutes, Healy, Suarez, Fokin is excellent, Sticks the double front 1/2 out. Lost of expression and excitement. 15.805 (6.600/8.800)

Riley Loos (Stanford - SR) planche, inverted cross looks a little bit high, rings are swinging on the straddle sit, comes in a little bit high on the maltese, IP to planche, giant to handstand, and again, double double is good in the air and takes just a small hop. 14.003 (5.7/8.250)

Shane Wiskus (EVO - VT) Sticks the Kas 1.5 cold. He'll get some deductions for form but the direction and landing position were good!

Cameron Bock (Michigan - HB) 1/2, lay tkatchev, Czchech giants, stalders out, 12/, tak, tak 1/2 is pretty late, sticks the double double. He will get some deductions for form in the air but the landing was there.

Paul Juda (Michigan - HB) Yami to open, good Kovacs, lay tkatchev, Is a little too far on the straddle Tkatchev and falls, redoes the straddle to piked Tkatchev to get bonus, tak, hop grip change, tak 1/2 Sticks the full-in layout. 13.200 (5.4/7.800)

Curran Phillips (EVO - VT) Yurchenko 2.5 (Shewfelt) Good direction with a small hop. 14.650 (5.2/9.450)

Asher Hong (Stanford - SR) azarian cross, kip to inverted cross, yami to joh to planche (rings swinging a bit) lowers to maltese, kip to maltese, kip to handstand, double double straight with a small hop. 14.999 (6.1/8.550)

The media row is perpendicular to the still rings and it's impossible to see if the strength positions are good.

Rotation 1

Article by: Kensley Behel

1 Comment

Aug 26, 2023

My prediction, if Curran hits his PB/HB on day two then he'll make the team and bump Yul, Khoi, or Paul to an alternate position for whichever doesn't hit their PH routines today. If Curran doesn't hit his PB then, he's out and him, Donnell or Shane will be named alternates. Asher and Fred are locks.

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