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Men's AA Final Live Blog - 2023 World Gymnastics Championships

This is the live blog for the Men's All-Around Final at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships. Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. The Live Stream and Live Scoring can be found at the bottom of the page!

Final Standings:

  1. Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) - 86.132

  2. Illia Kovtun (UKR) - 84.998

  3. Fred Richard (USA) - 84.332

  4. Chiba Kenta (JPN)

  5. Milad Karimi (KAZ)

  6. Yumin Abbadini (ITA)

  7. Sun Wei (CHN)

  8. Noe Seifter (SUI)

Chiba Kenta (JPN - HB) FALSS! That will certainly seal the podium

Sun Wei (CHN - PH) good on the Li Ning and again! good through the Stoeckli sequence, OH NO and two falls.

Asher Hong (USA - FX)

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - HB) Unbelievably good routine. He has been so resilient here. Caps off the competition with a stuck landing.

Mathematically at this point, only Illia Kovtun, Fred Richard, Hashimoto Daiki, Milad Karimi, Sun Wei, and Chiba Kenta can medal.

Jake Jarman (GBR - HB) and falls on the Cassina.

Fred Richard (USA - HB) Cassina is good, Falls on the Kolman. Sticks the dismount.

A hit routine from Illia Kovtun (UKR -PH) and now he waits!

Milad Karimi (KAZ - HB) Beautiful Kovacs to Kolman! just a small hop on the dismount.

Lukas Dauser (GER - FX) goes OOB on the opening double front pike, does a double front to forward roll, sticks the third pass... I got distracted by Diogo Suarez sticking his still rings dismount!

Rotation 6


After 5:

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) - 71.632

Fred Richard (USA) - 71.032

Chiba Kenta (JPN) - 70.831

Illia Kovtun (UKR) - 70.698

Sun Wei (CHN) - 70.398

Jake Jarman (GBR) - 69.032

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - PB) Whippet to open, Healy, a little off on the peach but saves it, giant, BIG front 1 1/4, a little low on the Bhavsar, Tippelts, Stutz, STUCK double front 1/2 out.

Jake Jarman (GBR - PB) after a clean four rotations, he had a BIG arm bend on his opening skill. Just struggled throughout and had a big chest down on the dismount. 12.766

James Hall (GBR - PB) stuck dismount!

Fred Richard (USA - PB) Stutz from upper arms, Harada, big front 1 1/4, 1/2, giant, Bhavsar, Tippelt, Healy (little push), Diam, Suttz, double front with a small hop. Honestly, just about the best he could do considering he had to wait forever to go. 14.600

Ahmet Onder (TUR - PH) Having a rough go of it after being stellar earlier today. Two falls already. And falls on the dismount. Unbelievable. Oh and his coach his making him do the dismount again.

Illia Kovtun (UKR - FX) Was spectacular on some of the earlier passes and looks like he lost steam a bit towards the end. BIG step back on the dismount. 14.00

Asher Hong (USA - HB) Not quite sure what he collapsed on but Asher Hong just had a Sam Mikulak a la 2013 AA final collapse on high bar. Just not his day today. 11.833

Sun Wei (CHN - FX) Not quite rotated on the Randi. Goes OOB on the second pass, just a small bound back on the thrid, sticks the side double full, beautiful form on the connecting twists! BIG step back on the triple full dismount.

Rotation 5



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After 4:

1. Sun Wei - 57.065

2. Hashimoto Daiki - 56.832

3. Illia Kovtun - 56.698

4. Fred Richard - 56.432

5.Jake Jarman - 56.266

6. Chiba Kenta - 56.165

7. Noe Seifert - 77.798

8. Ahmet Onder - 55.265

Jake Jarman (GBR - VT) Jake Jarman's mouth literally dropped open when he stuck his landing on the Yonekura (Kas 2.5). Unbelievalbe difficulty and execution! 15.433

Illia Kovtun (UKR - HB) put together a spectacular routine on high bar. 14.066

James Hall (GBR - VT) - Kas double

Fred Richard (USA - VT) STUCK COLD Kas 1.5

Sun Wei (CHN - HB) 14.233

Asher Hong (USA - PB) sticks his double front 1/2 out dismount.

Chiba Kenta (JPN -VT) Just nearly ate it on vault. 13.666

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - VT) reminding everyone why he is the best in the world! STUCK Kas double!

Rotation 4


After 3:

  1. Sun Wei (CHN) - 42.832

  2. Illia Kovtun (UKR) - 42.632

  3. Chiba Kenta (JPN) - 42.499

  4. Diogo Soares (BRA) - 42.166

  5. Fred Richard (USA) - 41.866

  6. Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) - 41.832

James Hall (GBR - SR) azarian cross to open, holds the maltese very well, and the iron cross, yami to joh to L sit, good handstand, it's not the most difficult routine but he's performing very well, double double with a small step back.

Fred Richard (USA - SR) kip to Planche. Has to fight for the position, L sit, maltese is a touch high, good amplitude on the swinging series, second planche is better, small armbend on the handstand, double double with a small step back.

Chiba Kenta (JPN- SR) kip to maltese, azarian iron cross is very good. kip to Planche, a little shaky on the handstand, yami to joh to honma cross, kip to very high inverted cross, small hop on the double double. 13.733

Lukas Dauser (GER - VT) Kas full. A lower difficulty vault (4.8) but it's lovely in the air. He bounces out of the landing. 13.733

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - SR) The weakest event in his program but his positions are good and he sticks the landing. 14.000

Asher Hong (USA - VT) Ran forward out of the Ri Se Gwang.

Jake Jarman (GBR - SR) started off strong on SR.

After 2:

  1. Chiba Kenta (JPN) - 28.766

  2. Sun Wei (CHN) - 28.432

  3. Diogo Suares (BRA)/ Fred Richard (USA) - 28.366

5. Florian Langenegger (SUI) - 28.099

6. Jake Jarman (GBR) - 27.933

Fred Richard (USA - PH) Fred had a little bit more power today than team final on his scissor to handstand and overcorrected. Had to step down off of the pommel. That's a MUCH better scenario than not getting credit and losing the element group though. Will need to wait for the judges score to see if he's going to get full credit for the Urzica. 13.733

Lukas Dauser (GER -SR) missed most of his routine but just had a small hop back on the layout full-in dismount. 12.933

Casimir Schmidt (NED - PB) 12.933

Chiba Kenta (JPN - PH) Does pretty well on the scissor to handstand and holy cow I do not know how he saved that traveling handstand. Good reach on the Tong Fei and goes cleanly through the roth. Really really good routine. 14.800

Asher Hong (USA-SR) 13.833

Illia Kovtun (UKR - VT) Kas 1.5 with a big step forward. 14.333

Sun Wei (CHN - VT) VERY deep on the kas double. I don't thinnkkk he put his hand down, but it could be close.

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - PH) Needs a strong routine to bring him back into play. So far so good! Opens with flairs and goes cleanly through the spindles. Interestingly, he puts the Li Ning in the middle of his routine when most choose to start with that skill, VERY good routine from him! 14.366

Mario Macchiati (ITA - VT) pretty Kas 1.5. Just a small hop on the landing. 14.466

Illia Liubimov (ISR - PB) opens with a Makuts, Healy, 3/4 Stutz, peach basket to L, stutz, step on the landing.

Luka van den Keybus (BEL - VT) Great landing on the Shewfelt! The crowd goes wild!

Jake Jarman (GBR - PH) Li Ning to open. Goes clean and it should be a score to keep him in the mix. Pommel horse is not his strong apparatus but he's got a few of his best coming up. 13.433

Rene Cournoyer (CAN - VT) Really deep landing on the handspring double front.

Rotation 2


After 1:

1. Fred Richard - 14.633

2. Ahmet Onder - 14.533

3. Jake Jarman - 14.500

4. Milad Karimi - 14.366

5. Casimir Schmidt - 14.3

6. Sun Wei - 14.266

7. Florian Langenegger - 14.233

8. Diogo Soares/Lee Junho - 14.100

The reigning world champion is in 17th after a less-than-ideal performance on floor.

Milad Karimi (KAZ - FX) His form is lovely but today's landings were not his best.

Chiba Kenta (JPN - FX) just a small hop on the opening piked double front, stuck front double full front lay and a stick on the Randi, And a stick on the side double full, Chiba lands his fourth pass right OOB. Triple full with a small hop to finish.

Asher Hong (USA - PH) Started well but fell.

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - FX) Kicks out of the double double but bounces back, Back 3.5 has SO much height. Chest is way down on the punch full to Randi. Gorgeous stuck double full side pass. OMG his triple full is SO short and lunges forward.

Sun Wei (CHN - SR) so far his positions have been incredible! STUCK double double to end. 14.266

Diogo Soares (BRA) Nearly sticks the Yurchenko double full. It was very clean in the air. Won't have the most difficulty to challenge for a spot on the podium but his form is beautiful! 14.1

Florian Langenegger (SUI - VT) Lovely Shewfelt vault with a small hop.

Jake Jarman (GBR - FX) Does not do the eponymous skill but goes OOB on the layout triple double. This has not been his cleanest routine. He's better on the landing on the Randi, back 3.5 with a small hop to finish. 14.500

Casimir Schmidt (NED - VT) Opens with a BIG Dragulescu. lots of power and has a big step back. 14.300

Rene Cournoyer (CAN - SR ) - 13.766

James Hall (GBR - FX) opens with a double double with a small hop. Chest is down on the 1/2 in 1/2 out. Small hop back on the third pass. Oh so weird on the back 2.5 to front lay. It's like his toe got caught and chucked him forward. Triple full with a step back to end. 13.600

7:42 - Noe Seifert (SUI - PH) opens with a Li Ning that is just a little shy of handstand. He's been circling well but is a bit piked on the flaired elements. Flies up into the D dismount. 13.566

7:39 Fred Richard (USA - FX) is getting us started on floor. small hop on the opening 2.5 twisting double back, front double full to front full! good., Makes it through the hops. a bound back out of the double double. kicks out nicely of the side double full and sticks it. Just a -0.1 hop on the back 2.5 to front lay, Sticks the 1/2 in 1/2 out! good opening routine. 14.366

7:36 We are getting started with warmups. Start lists are listed at the bottom of the page.

7:30 March-ins have started Fred Richard is the first one to march in! The British have by far gotten the biggest applause

7:28 The intro music is starting.

7:27 It is SO empty in here. It's really sad for the athlete's sake

Rotation 1

(Starting at 7:30 pm local, 1:30 pm ET, and 10:30 pt)



Chiba Kenta led the all-around following the two days of competition with an 85.799. Olympic Champion, Hashimoto Daiki, will compete in the all-around instead of teammate Kaya Kazuma who outscored him in qualifying. Hashimoto has not been looking up to form since the University Games in China earlier this year. That being said, a bad day from him means he's still getting an 85+ – a score that most athletes only dream of achieving. All this to say, because Hashimoto is not in "full form" it would not be unsurprising to see another athlete atop the podium today, but should he perform even slightly better than he did in qualifying, the gold is his because his ceiling us just that much higher.

The race for the other podium spots is going to be fierce. It's just going to come down to who hits. What's even more exciting is that we could see someone medal who is not rotating with the top group. Because top contenders including Illia Kovtun (UKR) and Sun Wei (CHN) several counted mistakes in qualifying, they are starting a little bit farther down than expected; both athletes will start on still rings.

In addition to the two Japanese athletes, Kovtun, and Sun the two Americans (Fred Richard and Asher Hong) as well as the two British (James Hall and Jake Jarman) should be considered as contenders. They have much less wiggle room for mistakes than the likes of Hashimoto, so they will need to go clean.

Here are some fun facts:

  • The last time a British man was on the AA podium was Max Whitlock in 2014. Only one other British male has won an AA medal and that was Dan Keatings.

  • British men have only ever won silver

  • Only three American men have won World AA medals: Kurt Thomas (1979); Paul Hamm (2003) and Jon Horton (2010).

  • If Hashimoto repeats as AA champion, it will be the first repeat of a world AA champion since Uchimura Kohei.

  • If Milad Karimi (KAZ) medals, it will be the first time a gymnast from Kazakhstan has medaled; it will also be the first time an athlete from a non-major team is on the podium since Manrique Larduet (CUB) did so in 2014.

  • Because Illia Kovtun (UKR) and Sun Wei (CHN) had so many struggles in qualifications, one of the medalists may come from an athlete not rotating with the top group.

Of note, Artem Dolgopyat, Adem Asil, and Arthur Davtyan withdrew from the all-around final and were replaced by Nestor Abad, Thierno Diallo, and Luka Van den Keybus.


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What Happened in the Men's Team Final?

Article by: Kensley Behel


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Oct 05, 2023

Loving your live blog, Kensley!! You are doing a wonderful job. One thing I would love to see (if you have time) would be your general impression as far as the positions of the top athletes and what they need to do for their chances at the end of each rotation. :)

Kensley Behel
Kensley Behel
Oct 06, 2023
Replying to

This is really helpful! I'll work on incorporating that in the future!

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