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Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog - 2023 World Gymnastics Championships

This is the live blog for Event Finals Day 2 (vault, parallel bars, and high bar) at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships. Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. The Live Stream and Live Scoring can be found at the bottom of the page!


Olympic Qualifiers

*To Be Confirmed by the FIG*

But based on our understanding of the rules, these six athletes have punched a ticket to the Paris Olympic Games. These athletes will be allowed to compete in the all-around.


Su Weide (CHN) a hit and a medal for him!

Chiba Kenta (JPN) WAS SO close on his release, I cannot believe he didn't fall off. a bit late on the piroutting elements. 12.700

Felix Dolci (CAN) Off of the bar and again. recovers well on the dismount. 11.100

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) tak 1/2 is a little late but manages well into the Liukin, Cassina is good, and the Kolman, Lay to straddle tkatchev, giant 1/2, tak 1/1 is good, stalder, quast, STUCK double double. Likely to be World Champion again with that routine. 15.233

Paul Juda (USA) beautiful Kovacs, Lay tkatchev, straddle to piked Tkatchev. good on the 1/2 turn, and the tak, wow good tak 1/2, STUCK lay full in. WOW that was a beautiful routine. 14.1

Tin Srbic (CRO) 1/1, tak 1/2, lay tkatchev, straddle to lay tkatchev? Not sure there's going to be enough differentiation in body shape between the "piked" and the "straight"sticks the full-in. Congrats on your ticket to Paris! 14.700. There was an inquire submitted. The previous score was 14.5

Milad Karimi (KAZ) Zou li min to open, Catches the Cassina. a bit late but the Kovacs is great followed by a wild Kolman, good on the Tak 1/2, straddle to piked Tkatchev, 1/2, tak, STUCK double double 14.433

Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA) Former world champion here. Tak 1/2 to open followed by a beautiful Liukin, tak 1/1 a little late, HUGE Winkler, Yamawaki, OH NO he's off on the layout Tkatchev. Gets back up and manages the connect Tkatchev. Just a small hop. The majority was gorgeous. Unless Tin also falls, that will not earn a ticket to Paris. Brazil will have an NOC spot that he will be eligible for. 13.533

High Bar Final


Sugimoto Kaito (JPN) Whippet to open, Healy, Stutz from upper arms, peach 1/2 (walks), peach, Giant, front straddle, Bhavsar, Tippelt, STUCK double front 1/2 out.

Lukas Dauser (GER) peach 1/2 to open, peach, PERFECT Makuts from upper arms 1/2, Diam from upper arms, Stutz, front uprise, Another great Makuts, Healy, 1/2, Diam, Stutz, OH WOW this is so good! STUCK dismount. This should be the world champion routine!

Matteo Levantesi (ITA) He has such beautiful form but so many little things kept him from capitilizing on others' mistakes. 13.866

Asher Hong (USA) Has a bit of lower difficulty than some of the top top contenders so he will need to be perfect here. peach, bhavsar, tippelt makuts, Good on the Diam, Stutz is not quite in handstand, double front 1/2. Sticks it but chest is low. 14.466

Little pause for the second group to warm upI

Yul Moldauer (USA) peach, peach 1/2, Diam, giant Diam, WOW this is so good. Giant Makuts, NOOOOO He literally fell over on the Makuts, It was so good til then, Harada, Fokin, double front 1/2 out with a step. 13.133

Shi Cong (CHN) Diam from upper arms, long pause on the Makuts, peach 1/2, peach, giant, front straddle with lots of height, 1/2, Bhavsar, Tippelt, Healy, GORGEOUS stuck double pike. He kicked out of that incredibly! 15.066

Illia Kovtun (UKR) Not quite as good as qualifying which is unfortunate as he's so good here. Lots of hand walking but he did stick the dismount. 14.633

Dr. Kaya Kazuma (JPN), Whippet, pretty slow on the Makuts to open, a bit piked in the healy, 1/2, peach 1/2 not quite at handstand, giant, front 1 1/4, Bhavsar, tippelt, STUCK double front 1/2 out though his chest was quite low. He absolutely roars with excitement. 14.733

4:00 pm Warm ups are starting now for the first four. This event takes the absolute longest to get prepped as each athlete likes their bars prepped differently.

A stacked final with Kaya Kazuma , Illia Kovtun , Shi Cong , Yul Moldauer , Asher Hong , Matteo Levantesi , Lukas Dauser , and Sugimoto Kaito

Parallel Bars Final


Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR) -14.766 (Good enough for Bronze!)

VT 1: STUCK Dragulescu. Right down the middle too! Well done! 14.833

VT 2: Kas double. Big Step to the Side.

Igor Radivilov (UKR) -14.750

VT 1: Very good Dragulescu. Legs are a little wide and he definitely has some preflight deductions. But the landing was excellent. Just a small hop. 14.900 (5.6 D)

VT 2: OH WOW. He really overrated the Kas Double Pike. Huge lunge back. The average should be good enough for bronze medal position as of now, though. 14.6 (5.6D)

Artur Davtyan (ARM) - 14.549 He's out of the medals which is a shame because he is truly exceptional here.

VT 1: Oh wow. That's incredible unexpected. He's usually perfect and sticks but he did not get the height or distance needed and was super short and dived back toward the vaults. 13.966 (5.6)

VT 2: That was basically a perfect Handspring Randi. This is what we are used to. Stuck. Legs glued together. 15.133 (5.6)

Harry Hepworth (GBR) - 14.433 He's already out of the medals but I'm excited to see what's to come from him.

VT 1: Really really good Dragulescu! Just a small hop on the landing. Does go OOB. 14.533 (5.6D)

VT 2: Handspring Randi (2.5 twists). Had lots of power and height but he met the mat before he was ready and it sort of jolted him. Chest was low and he stumbled to the right OOB 14.333

Now there's going to be a small break for the final four to warm up.

Jake Jarman (GBR) - 15.050 (Into the lead for now - probably only Artur Davtyan can challenged, but he would need to stick both vaults)

VT 1: WOWOWOWOW! Huge Yonekura Vault (Kas 2.5). Just unbelievable height and landing. No preflight deductions. Legs are great int he air and just a small adjustment on the landing. It's the most difficult vault being done in the competition. 15.400 (6.0D)

VT 2: BIG step back on the handspring double front (Dragulescu) but that is sure to be a medal. Just have to wait on the color! 14.700(5.6D)

Kevin Penev (BUL) -14.183

VT 1: Kas 1.5. The same vault as Juda's second vault. He's not quite as clean as Juda. Some knee bend and legs crossed in the air. But it doesn't really matter because that one vault ensures that he has now locked his spot to the Olympics! 14.166 (5.2D)

VT 2: Yurchenko 2.5 named after Olympic Champion, Kyle Shewfelt. Has a small hop out of bounds. Penev has the lowest degree of difficulty of anyone in this final, so probably won't challenge for a medal. 14.2 (5.2 D)

Paul Juda (USA) 14.550 Average

VT 1: Yurchenko double pike. The preflight form and form in the air is superb. Chest is way down on the landing and takes a big step to the side. 14.600 (5.6 D)

VT 2 Kas 1.5 (roudoff with 2.5 twists). Again really good in the air but a big hop forward. He's unlike to medal here with that set but so exciting to see him here in this final. If he's able to upgrade this vault with another 1/2 twist and cleans up the consistency on the Yurchenko double pike, he will be a real contender next year! 14.500 (5.2 D)

Khoi Young (USA) - 14.849 (this is medal contention)

VT 1: STICKS the handspring Randi (handspring with 2.5 twists)! That's really quite good. He will get a little bit of deduction for crossing his legs at the end of the twists, but the landing position was superb. 15.033 (5.6 D) That was better than qualifying!

VT 2: Yurchenko 1/2 on with double twist off. He sticks it! Form overall wasn't quite as crips at the first but still good. 14.666 (5.4 D)

Vault (2 pm Local; 8 am ET; 5 am PT)


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Article by: Kensley Behel


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