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Our Goal

At Neutral Deduction, our mission is to deliver comprehensive and well-researched coverage of International Elite and NCAA collegiate gymnastics through live competition blogs, articles, insightful interviews, and extensive data archives.

Our primary focus is on expanding coverage in the realm of men's artistic gymnastics. Whether you're a newcomer seeking to discover the fundamentals of men's gymnastics or a dedicated enthusiast in search of the latest global updates on men's gymnastics, you'll find a wealth of content tailored to your interests right here!

We are dedicated to elevating the visibility and understanding of men's gymnastics, offering a platform that caters to gymnastics enthusiasts of all levels. Join us on this exciting journey as we celebrate the artistry, skill, and dedication of gymnasts worldwide.


Our Commitment

At Neutral Deduction, we embrace a no-nonsense approach to covering gymnastics, one that is both critical and equitable. Our commitment is to uphold the integrity of the sport, providing insightful commentary that champions fairness and accuracy in every aspect of gymnastics.


Kensley Behel, Ph.D.

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As  Editor-in-Chief, I launched Neutral Deductions in 2023, following a  nine-year journey covering Men's gymnastics. Prior to embarking on this endeavor, my career in sports journalism included reporting on Five World Gymnastics Championships and actively participating in NCAA Gymnastics Championships. I also co-hosted the immensely popular podcast GymCastic, which garnered over 10 million downloads.  I have also share my expertise of Men's Gymnastics to various other sports and news outlets, including those shown below.

My path to gymnastics expert and reporter took a different path than most. After experiencing an injury, it became challenging for me to continue my passion for playing the clarinet and studying music. However, it also afforded me the time to explore alternative academic avenues at the University of Michigan.


During this transformative period, I discovered an opportunity to work with the Michigan men's gymnastics program. They graciously shared their knowledge of the sport with me, and I'm deeply appreciative of the opportunities they provided. This exposure to the world of gymnastics marked the beginning of my journey into the sport's intricate world.

After falling in love with the sport, I was able to build upon my knowledge and began to take on larger projects. This website is the result of my passion and dedication to men's gymnastics. 


Conducting Interviews at the 2022 World Gymnastics Championships in Liverpool, England. 

Photo Credit: Luba Baladzhaeva

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