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2023 World Gymnastics Championships Men's Team Final Live Blog

This is the live blog for the Men's Team Final at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships. Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. The Live Stream and Live Scoring can be found at the bottom of the page!

Final Results:

  1. Japan - 255.594

  2. China - 253-794

  3. USA - 252.428

  4. Great Britain - 249.461

  5. Switzerland - 244.426

  6. Germany - 244.026

  7. Canada - 243.028

  8. Italy - 241.160

China with a 253.794... the score to beat. Waiting on Fred Richard's score. Hashimoto still to go!

Fred Richard (USA - HB) Cassina, Kolman, ok he's gone clean so far through the tkatchev released, good on the quast to one arm, OMG almost comes off the bar I do not know how he saved that. Sticks the dismount.

You Hao (CHN - SR) pull to inverted cross. It was actually a pretty good position, planche, maltese, Lay swinging element, Stuck dismount.

Harry Hepworth (GBR - FX) fell on floor.

Chiba Kenta (JPN - HB) BIG Kolamn, lay tkatchev, inbar , went the wrong way on a tak 1/1 , recovers to make the Yamawaki, tak 1/2, quast, STUCK double double with legs glued together.

Paul Juda (USA - HB) With the very sticky feet today! Very good high bar routine! 13.933

Sun Wei (CHN - SR) Overall pretty good but was high on the first cross. Better on the second. A couple steps back on the dismount.

Kaya Kazuma (JPN - HB) Was catching the double flipping element almost under the bar, pretty good on the ending positions from the tak elements, STUCK double double. 14.00 An inquiry was submitted but nothing was changed!

James Hall (GBR - FX) opens with a good double double with a hop back, half in half out, front double full to front full, Randi, Triple full with a step back to end. 13.966

Rene Cournoyer (CAN - FX) Not sure what happened but he definitely fell at some point!

Khoi Young (USA - HB) A hit. Better than quals.

Rotation 6


After 5:

  1. Japan - 213.662

  2. USA - 211.129

  3. China - 209.962

  4. Great Britain - 208.162

  5. Italy - 204.661

  6. Switzerland - 204.527

  7. Germany - 203.494

  8. Canada - 202.862

Yul Moldauer (USA _ PB) peach, peach 1/2, Diam, giant Diam, giant Makuts, a little sketchy on the second makuts, Harada is good, does the Fokin, STUCK double front 1/2 out dismount. The U.S. needed that!

If you don't do floor transitions like Nicola Bartolini (ITA) You're doing them wrong.

Nick Klessing (GER - FX) redeems his earlier bobble on vault with a beautiful floor routine.

Asher Hong (USA - PB) A little low on the Bhavsar, giant, Tippelt, a bit piked on the Makuts. He's lucky he got his hand on the bar, low chest on the double front 1/2 out with a hop.

Beautiful routine so far from Lorenzo Casali (ITA - FX). 14.066

Sun Wei (CHN - PH) Scissor to handstand and again. Well done, Lovely D flop. His form is so pretty here. tiny leg separation on the WU. Quite a bit of skew on the Magyar Sivado but is able to fly into the handstand easily. Let's out a very big yell!

Yumin Abbadini (ITA - FX) - 13.9

You Hao (CHN - PH) both handstands/ Li Ning elements were very short. Questionable if he will get credit. 13.4

Will Emard (CAN) is off on high bar.

Kaya Kazuma (JPN - PB) Whippet to open, VERY slow on the Makuts, peach 1/2, good on the front 1 1/4, Bhavsar, ....

9:32 pm Max Whitlock (GBR - HB) Quite a clean routine and stuck the dismount. HIs job is done. Now, he can only wait!


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After 4:

  1. Japan - 169.230

  2. GBR - 169.129

  3. China - 169.096

  4. USA - 167.963

  5. Canada - 164.697

  6. Switzerland - 164.362

  7. Italy - 162.662

  8. Germany - 162.028

Noe Seifert (SUI - FX) front full to double front with a hop back, big lunge out of the double front pike, sticks thefront double full to barani,.... lovely triple full to finish! 13.600

Jake Jarman (GBR - PB) So far is hitting handstands every well. His line is not quite as good as it could be because the toe point could use some more work, but other than that he's done very well. A small step back on the dismount. 14.166

Su Weide (CHN - FX) Beautiful back 2.5 to double front. Back 3.5 with a small hop. STUCK double double. HOLY wow I do not know how he saved that next pass and put it to his feet. Ends strong! 14.1

Asher Hong (USA - VT) Ri Se Gwang is VERY well done. Big step back. 15.1

Lin Chaopan (CHN - FX) Is VERY hoppy through the first several passes. Sticks the side pass. Missed the ending to watch Asher's vault 13.8

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - VT) BIG Kas double

Matteo Levantesi (ITA - HB) Sticks the dismount!

Max Whitlock (GBR - PB) 13.8

Paul Juda (USA - VT) Doesn't get as much height as usual but manages to get the Yurchenko double pike around. Deep landing and a big step back but he stayed on his feet! 14.4

Florian Langenegger (SUI - FX) Oooh goes right to the line on the opening pass, nearly sticks the double double, small hop on the Randi, spots the landing and sticks the side double full, mixed the ending. 13.766

Lucas Kochen (GER - HB) off on the straddle Tkatchev

Kaya Kazuma (JPN - VT) Definitely not the strongest vaulter on this team, but he performed

his kas double very well! 14.633

Sun Wei (CHN - FX) Said I stick dismounts. Watch me. 14.033

Khoi Young (USA - VT) Handspring Randi. Looked like he might stick it but took two hops. 14.666

Rotation 4


After 3:

  1. China

  2. Great Britain

  3. Switzerland

  4. Japan

  5. USA

  6. Germany

  7. Canada

  8. Italy

Lin Chaopan (CHN - HB) A wild routine with some VERY late elements and a stuck dismount. 14.133

Matteo Levantesi (ITA - PB) has a fall, so now all teams are counting a fall.

Looks like we have two inquiries currently. One for the Japanese and one for the Italians.

Asher Hong (USA - SR) Azarian cross, pretty high on the inverted cross, the planche is good but the maltese is a touch high. Better on the second one. small hop on the dismount. 14.000

At this point, everyone has counted a fall except maybe Italy.

Kenta Chiba (JPN - SR) Stuck Dismount 13.566

Su Weide (CHN - HB)a little late on the full pirrouet, better on the 1/2, Big Liukin but then falls on the straight Tkatchev. And wow a big arm bend too. This is going to be a low score. 11.166

Yul Moldauer (USA - SR) Really good body positions. Small hop on the landing. 13.866

Taha Serhani (SUI - HB) redeems his fall on parallel bars with a stunning high bar routine! The height on his releases is superb! 13.766

8:47 pm Courtney Tulloch (GBR - VT) Had troubles in the warm-up but not the competition. Hits the Dragulescu!

Rene Cournoyer (CAN - VT) Handspring double front with a hop.

Sun Wei (CHN - HB) From what I saw, it was fantastic.

Harry Hepworth (GBR - VT) Beautiful Randi! 14.866

Paul Juda (USA - SR) up to planche and L sit. then directly to maltese, kip to handstand, joh to yami, straddle sit, These positions have been quite good so far. Little bobble on the handstand. Sticks the dismount! 13.6

Felix Dolci (CAN - VT) Fights oh so hard for the stick on the Kas 1.5 but ends up hopping.

Christian Baumann (SUI - HB) Sticks his dismount! 13.866

Jake Jarman (GBR - VT) WOW Stunning Yonekura. Surely that will be the highest scoring vault of the day. 15.4

Rotation 3


After 2:

  1. China

  2. Switzerland

  3. Italy

  4. Japan

  5. USA

  6. GBR

  7. Germany

  8. Canada

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - PH) Overall was fairly clean. On big error was the piked shape into the handstand. Dismounts well and looks happy with his performance.

Khoi Young (USA - PH) A fall. 13.6

Noe Seifert (SUI - PB) peach to open, Diam, Whippett, a little slow and piked on the Makuts, Moy, 1/2, Bhavsar was low, Tippelts, probably a -0.3 step on the double pike dismount. 14.033

Chiba Kenta (JPN - PH) Falls on PH.

Courtney Tulloch (GBR - SR). Azarian to very low planche. Good on the Azarian maltese. kip to maltese. Chest was quite low on the dismount. Step back.

Christian Baumann (SUI - PB) Such nice form overall. He joins Dauser among the gymnasts who are allowed to do makuts. Good Healy. His amplitude was better on the Bhavsar than in qualifying. Good turnover on the Tippelt. Stutz is good. just a small step on the double pike.

William Emard (CAN - SR) Mostly good. A few wobbles on some positions but just a small hop on the dismount.

Nick Klessing (GER - VT) Sat the handspring double front. 12.966

Lin Chaopan (CHN - PB) - 14.666

Fred Richard (USA - PH) a bit piked and slow into the Li Ning, good on the triple russian between the pommels, good ont he flaired spindle. I can barely focus because Colt Walker is so loud. Pretty good position on the Magyar Sivado! Big hit from the USA! 12.5 Down .9 on D from qualifying. Looks like the judges did not credit the scissor.

Taha Serhani (SUI - PB) Sat the dismount.

Lorenzo Casali (ITA - VT) Nice Kas Double from the Italian! 14.2

Pascal Brendel (GER - VT) Handspring double front. Lots of power and height but a hop on the landing and should get some form deductions for cowboying

Kaya Kazuma (JPN - PH) A bit piked into the LI Ning, Soeckli, D flop, Magyar Sivado, flies into the handstand. And the biggest yell ever! 14.2

Nicola Bartolini (ITA - VT) Good Kas 1.5 in the air with a big bounce forward. 14.566

Harry Hepworth (GBR - SR) Did well on his holds but took a huge lunge forward on the dismount. 14.1

Lucas Kochen (GER - VT) Nice Kas 1.5 with a small hop.

8:09 Yul Moldauer (USA - PH) opens with a C scissor. A little short on the Li Ning handstand. D flop, Stoeckli, good on the traveling side flairs, Has some skew on the flaired Magyar Sivado. OH MY GOD. His dismount was so odd. He barely got to handstand and then had to pause and then did more rotations than normal. 13.533

Asher Hong's score just came in - 13.966 Puts the US into second behind China.

Rotation 2


After 1:

  1. China

  2. USA

  3. Switzerland

  4. Japan

  5. GBR

  6. Germany

  7. Italy

  8. Canada

Asher Hong's score is taking FOR-EV-ER to come in!

***Inquiry accepted for Minami. Score changed to 14.433

Asher Hong (USA - FX) front full to front double pike! Good. Just a small hop ont he double double straight, front tuck full to double front stuck (fights for it). Flairs to split to wide arm press. Definitely holds the handstand well enough. Sticks the back 2.5 to front lay but on foot is OOB. Has to fight a bit for the landing on the triple full dismount.

Max Whitlock (GBR - PH) He needs a big hit here to help compensate for James' score! So far so good on the Li ning and the Busnari, Legs glued together on the Wu and the triple russian. Does the dismount! Should be a BIG score! 15.266

Kazuki Minami (JPN - FX) Unrealy back 2.5 twisting double tuck to front full. Triple double tucked. Huh. big step out of the third pass. The handstand may have been a bit short. sticks the dismount. 14.433 (changed from 14.333)

Nick Klessing (GER - SR) Sticks the triple back dismount. 13.866

Fred Richard (USA - FX) Wow Big 2.5 twisting double tuck nearly stuck. STicks the front double full to front full combo. Flairs are a big hit with the crowd. Small hop on the double double. This is good so far. STicks the back double full. Small hop on the back 2.5 to front layout. Full in with a big step back. 14.366

Yumin Abbadini (ITA - SR) 13.266

Jake Jarman (GBR - PH) - 13.233

Su Weide (CHN - VT) Another Kas double with a big step. 14.70

Jayson Ramptersad (CAN - PH) 13.833

Taha Serhani (SUI - VT) Nearly sat his vault. 13.633

Hashimoto Daiki (JPN - FX) kicks out beautifully of the opening double double, small hop. BAck 3.5 with a small hop. Man his form is incredible. Front full to big bounce out of the Randi, Sticks the side double full. Stuck the final few passes! Lovely work from the all-around Olympic Champion. 14.3

Sun Wei (CHN - VT) Beautiful Kas double in the air but takes a big step to the side on the landing. 14.866

Zachary Clay (CAN - PH) well done on the opening Li Ning. His swing is really nice. He got the highest score of the Canadians during qualifications so they will look for a strong score here and he hits beautifully! 14.2

Yul Moldauer (USA -FX) Stuck Randi to Open, and the second pass. and OMG he stuck the double front 1/2 out too! Stuck back double full. Small hop on the back 2.5 to front layout. Small hop on the triple full dismount. 14.366

Lin Chaopan (CHN) with an easy Kas double full. Relatively low start value with a 4.8. 13.733

7:41 James Hall (GBR) opens pommel horse for the British with a fall. 11.933

Florian Langeneggar (SUI) 14.233 on vault

7:39 Chiba Kenta (JPN) gets the competition started on floor. small hop on the double front pike to open. Big stumble back on the double front full to layout but sticks the third pass and the side double full. SO WEIRD on the back 2.5 to barani. Not sure if that was the intended pass. 12.933

7:37 Now the other four teams have the opportunity to warm up.

7:35 pm The first group of athletes now have the opportunity to warm-up. That's the Japanese on floor, the British on pommel horse, the Germans on rings, and the Swiss on Vault.

7:33 pm The Germans come out first of the athletes starting on still rings. They do a countdown with their hands together! And finally, the Italians. They point up to the heavens!

7:32 pm The British come out next and they are starting on pommel horse. No pose from them. The Canadians follow and all come out with arms crossed. Will Emard is in his standard bright yellow crocks. Some other teammates are just in socks and some are in sandals.

7:31 pm The athletes on vault march in next. The Swiss come out first followed by China. China will start in the exact same order as qualifications. This will be the first time Lin Chaopan will compete in this arena.

7:30 pm The athletes are marching in. Starting with Japan on floor. It is so hot in this arena and they are in their full winter coats. The Americans are next in regular warm-ups. They changed their march-in from qualifications. They look calm!

7:29 pm The countdown has begun. The arena is quite empty actually. I would say half full would be a generous estimate.

FX: Japan and USA

PH: GBR and Canada

SR: Germany and Italy

VT: Switzerland and China

Rotation 1

(Starting at 7:30 pm Local/ 1:30 ET pm/ 10:30 am PT)


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Live Stream: Click here

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Day 2 Recaps + Who made Finals!

Day 1: Germany Beat China!

Article by: Kensley Behel


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