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European Gymnastics Championships Mens AA Final

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

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Picture Credit of Adem Asil Instagram


  1. Adem Asil (TUR) - 84.965

  2. Jake Jarman (GBR) - 83.463

  3. Illia Kovtun (UKR) - 83.032

This is the first time a Turkish man has won the All-Around at a European Championships!

Ilia Kovtun (UKR - HB) jump to high bar, zou li min, huge yami, lay to straddle tpike tkatchev, giant 1/2, tak 1/1, tak 1/2, stalder, quast, stuck double double. I think that should bump Davtyan off the podium.

Adem Asil (TUR - HB) He looks unbelievably relaxed. He just needs an 11.932. That should be doable. Yami, endo to zou li min, tak 1/2, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, stalder, layout full-in with a step then a hop. HUGE scream from him. 13.433. No one can catch him.

Jake Jarman (GBR - HB) tak 1/2, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, tak, lots of front giants, endo, 1/2, stalder, full-in stuck! 13.266

Artur Davtyan (ARM-HB) Yami to 1/2, straddle tkatchev, 1/2, tak, lots of front giants, tak 1/2, stalder, double double tucked with a small hop. It's not a lot of difficulty which I think will hold him back from a medal.

Joshua Nathan (GBR - FX) Lovely opening two passes, front lay into near stuck double front , a little piked on the twisting elements, Manna press, russians, back 3/2 to barani, triple full with a small hop. 13.8

Ahmet Onder (TUR - SR) back uprise to maltese to bounce cross, front lay to planche and big bend on the handstand, he's definitely tired. And takes a huge step back on the dismount. 12.1

Pascal Brendel (GER - HB) zou li min to open, tak 1/1, tak 1/2, lay tkatchev, quast, giant 1/2 to aymi to endo, stalder, stuck full-in. Really good day for him. 13.233

Elias Koski (FIN - FX) double front with a big step forward, back whip to double full, front lay to front 2/1, pike to handstand, stide pass as a back full, stuck Rudi, beautiful split to press handstand, lovely triple twist to finish. 13.4

It would be pretty big if Adem could keep the lead here. I'm pretty sure no Turkish man has won the European AA before. High bar isn't his best piece but he has almost a two point lead over Jake.

Rotation 6

  1. Adem Asil (TUR)

  2. Jake Jarman (GBR)

  3. Artur Davtyan (ARM)

  4. Noe Seifert (SUI)

  5. Illia Kovtun (UKR)

Adem Asil (TUR - PB) front uprise to handstand, a bit slow and piked on the Makuts, Diam, straddle front 1 1/4 stutz, double front with a small hop. 14.3

Victor Martinez (BEL - PH) scissor cuts, some single pommel work, D Flop, Magyar, Sivado, and immediately up into dismount. Very simple and short. 13.033

Jake Jarman (GBR - PB) Whippett (pause), Healy, peach 1/2 (that was not good), Diam, Moy, 1/2, Bhavsar, 1/2, really seems to be rushing through. Tippelt, Stutz, double front 1/2 out. 13.866

Artur Davtyan (ARM - PB) Nice peach to giant, peach to L sit, straddle up to handstand, stutz, Diam, double pike with a small hop. 13.666

Ahmet Onder (TUR - PH) Li Ning, Sohn, D Flop, D Flop, totally lost the legs on the Wu, Roth, Triple russian, oh no. Off again. remounts with a pretty handstand. 11.233

Ilia Koftun (UKR - PB) peach 1/2, peach to one barinto the Healy, Stutz from upper arms, Whippett, 1/2,, Diam 1/2, a little pause on the Makuts, Stutz 1/4, sticks the double front. 15.433.

Lorenzo Casali (ITA - HB) Yami to open, endo to grip change with a pause, Zou li min, tak 1/1, tak 1/2 (late), lay Tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, one arm giant, stalde,r double double with a big hop. 12.866

Pascal Brendel (GER - PB), Whippet, missed. a little bit but nice Bhavsar, Tippelt, double pike dismount. 13.666

Ilia Liubimov (ISR - PH) 11.8

Noe Seifert (SUI - FX) opens with a front 1/1 to double front but it's short. Nice pike double front. front 2/1 to tuck barani. nice side double full, the very common back 5/2 to front lay. Triple full with a step back. 13.666

Rotation 5

  1. Adem Asil (TUR)

  2. Artur Davtyan (ARM

  3. Jake Jarman (GBR)

  4. Noe Seifert (SUI)

  5. Luka van den Keybus (BEL)

Elias Koski (FIN - PB) Whippett, peach 1/2 with wild legs and walking, really working to regain momentum here. Oh man. This is wild. He's having trouble settling in. pretty double pike dismount with a big step. 12.533

Yumin Abbadini (ITA - PB) Whippett, straddle cut through, Diam, Diam 1/4, straddle pres to handstand 1/2, Stutz, Stutz 1/4 to 1 rail, pike up and immediately into the double pike with a big hop forward. 14.000

Florian Lagenegger (SUI - HB) Yami to open, endo to grip change, 1/2, stalder, piked in bar, stuck double double but it was messy. Not the most difficult routine but the on the bar work was quite clean. 12.933

Ahmet Onder (TUR - FX) front 1/1 to double front with a big step OOB, stuck double double, back 5/2 to front layout, lovely stuck side double full, a little messy on the triple full dismount.

Jake Jarman (GBR - VT) Kas 2.5. 15.266 I did not think he would go for it! Wow!

Leo Saladino (FRA - FX) Opens with a Rudi, front full to layout, pike hold is a little short, double double, nice side double full pass, back 3/2 to front tuck 1/1, beautiful triple full dismount. 13.866

Casimir Schmidt (NED - VT) sits the handspring double front which is a shame because he's down on difficulty from most of the top group. 13.1

Artur Davtyan (ARM - VT) Handspring Randi. 15.1

Luka van den Keybus (BEL - FX) utilized some beautiful front tumbling, nice transitions, into the pike hold. Does well to hold the wide-arm handstand, stuck his twisting pass, maybbeee a little short on the triple twist dismount.

Noe Seifert (SUI - HB) tak 1/2 into Kovacs, piked Kovacs, German giant to stalde,r 1/2, tak, 1/2, quast, OOhhh triple back dismount with step. 13.933

Pascal Brendel (GER - VT) Handspring rudi 13.933

Ilia Kovtun (UKR - VT) sat the vault. 13.2

Victor Martines (BEL - FX) beautiful entrance on to the floor, double double to open (STUCK), double front pike, lovely russians to split to handstand ( a little wobble), Gets lots of empty step deduction. 13.666

Adem Asil (TUR -VT) Ri Se Gwang II (piked Dragulescu) A little off-line with a big step back but a HUGE vault.

Rotation 4

  1. Adem Asil (TUR)

  2. Noe Seifert (SUI)

  3. Luka Van den Keybus (BEL)

  4. Ahmet Onder (TUR)

  5. Florian Langenegger (SUI)

Ahmet Onder (TUR - HB) Cassina, Kolman, straddle Tkatchev, giant 1/2, really late on the tak 1/1, stalder, quast, double double with a small hop. The crowd loved it.

Krisztofer Meszaros (HUN - VT) Kas double. 14.1

Artur Davtyan (ARM - SR) back uprise maltese, back uprsie planche lower to maltese, back uprise into yami joh to handstand (little arms swing), double double tucked with a small step.

Leo Saladino (FRA - HB) big split on the take 1/1, late on teh take 1/2, weird. really reallllyyyy far on the Kovacs. This is a wild routine. one-arm giant, stalde,r giant 1/2 take, giant 1/2, quite piked on the dismount but stuck it. So this is a really bizarre routine construction. Not all three tak skills will count so I'm not sure why they composed his routine this way.

Luke van den Keybus (BEL - HB) Yami, endo 1/1, stalder rybalko (late),... nice quast, a step on the dismount. 13.433

Elias Koski (FIN - VT) Tsuk double. some leg form in the air with a step back.

Pascal Brendal (GER - SR) Not a lot of difficulty here. but lovely stuck dismount. 12.866

Ilia Liubimov (ISR - HB) pretty Laoyout tkatchev, Wow and also on the straddle, Kovacs, giant 1/2, take, full spin in eagle, stalde,r stuck full-in. 13.433

Ilia Kovtun (UKR - SR) kip maltese, back uprise maltese, back uprise straddle planche, yami to joh , realllyyy has to push into the handstand and the rings are really swinging, STUCK double double that was stunning! 13.5

Victor Martinez (BEL - HB) take 1/2, straddle to piked Tkatchev, layout tkatchev, 1/2, take, full-in 13.00

Adem Asil (TUR - SR) Hes the reigning world champion so this should be good. The FIG actually had to address how to start still rings because of his routine. Usually his coach wouldn't lower him properly. Wow his body positions are superb. You can really see how much better he is in the handstands as well! It's going to be a HUGE score. 15.033

Florian Langenegger (SUI - PB) a little pause in the Makuts, Healy, big push on the peach, big height on the front 1 1/4, 1/2, lacks amplitude on the Moy, Pretty Diam to Stutz but takes a step. Double pike dismount. 13.566

Jake Jarman (GBR - SR) back uprise to planche, lowers into the cross, kip to joh to yami to straddle sit. STruggles a bit with the straddle up to handstand. He's not quite straight enough. Big double double dismount with a small hop. 13.133

Rotation 3

1. Leo Saladino (FRA)

2. Luka Van den Keybus (BEL)

3. Victor Martinez (BEL)

4. Jake Jarman (GBR)

5. Ilia Liukimov (ISR)

Leo Salidino (FRA - PB) - Whippet, Healy, peach (short), giant, Moy, 1/2, Tippelt, Diam 1/4 to Diam (hesitation), STUCK double front 1/2 out. Lovely dismount.

Casimir Schmidt (NED - PH) Li Ning (arch), E Flop, struggles in the handstands, remounts and doesn't do the handstand travels again, does a 1/2 sivado into Magyar Sivado combo and a beautiful dismount. 12.2

Diallo Thierno (ESP - PH) 13.2

Luka van den Keybus (BEL - PB) Whippett, 1/2, peach, Healy (pause before), Diam (hands walking, Peach 1 1/4 Stutz, double front 1/2 out with a small hop. 13.466

Pascal Brendel (GER - PH) Scissor to open, D Flop, E Flop, 1/2 Sivado into Tong Fei into russians, goes well into the Magyar/Sivado and flies up into the handstand. Really lovely and clean routine. 13.966

Gabriel Burtanete (ROU - VT) He meant to go for a Kas double but it looked like his hand slipped and only ended up with a 1/2 twist to his bottom.

Botond Molnar (HUN - VT) nearly stuck the handspring double front. Took a last minute step on the landing but overall, it was a really well-controlled vault. 14.466 (5.2/9.266)

Illia Kovtun (UKR - PH) Li Ning into scissors, works well on one pommel and into the triple russian in the middle. Nice travels with the Tong Fei into the Wu.. OH NO big push into the dismount with crazy legs.

Noe Seifert (SUI - VT) DTY with a small hop back. Good direction. 14.033

Victor Martinez (BEL - PB) Healy to open, Diam, giant, peach, Moy, 1/2, Tippelt, Stutz into Diam, front uprise, double pike dismount with a big lunge forward. Lots of little hand movements throughout and piked form. Once he's able to clean that up a bit, it will be a really stellar routine. 13.233

Florian Langenegger (SUI - VT) Shewfelt vault but WOW he twist differently than most gymnasts. I thought he was going for a Yurchenko 1.5 based on how slow the first twist was. 14.4

Adem Asil (TUR - PH) Also a little bit short on the handstand, directly in to the Magyar to Sivado to Tong Fei to Wu and into the dismount. He definitely has constructed this routine to benefit him well. 13.166 (5.0/8.166)

Jake Jarman (GBR - PH) Li Ning is a bit short of handstand, triple russian in between the pommels, some leg separation on the FLOP and the travels, flies well into the handstand. It's not his strongest piece but he definitely go through! 13.166

Ahmet Onder (TUR - PB) Whippet to open, really struggled with the Makuts, will be a major deduction, he's really struggling throughout with form and rhythm. good Healy and 1/2 pirrouette. Big double front 1/2 dismoutn with a small hop. 13.3 This is not his usual best as he is normally fantastic on this apparatus.

Artur Davtyan (ARM - PH) Opens with a C Scissor into a Sohn, is piked quite a bit throughout the flops, nice Wu and back with the Roth into the triple russian dismount. The commentators just mentioned he's the oldest competitor in the field as well! 13.933 (a little lower than qualifications)

Hmm. BBC is Showing Sofus for rotation 2, but I think he competed vault in rotation 1. Either way he sat it down. 13.1

Rotation 2

Gabriel Burtanete (ROU - SR) nice pike double front to end! 13.5 (5.1/8.4)

Luka van den Keybus (BEL - VT) Oooh! A Shewfelt! There aren't enough Yurchenko entry vaults in men's. *Fun Fact* did you know that Yurchenko vaults are the only skill in the MAG Code Of Points that is named after a female gymnast? 14.3

Victor Martinez (BEL - VT) Kas 1.5 with a big step forward. He had huge height though. The camera absolutely did not catch all of his vault because of his block. 14.333 5.2/9.133

Oskar Kirmes (FIN - VT) Tsuk double but doesn't get enough height and really stumbles back. 12.533 (4.8/8.033/-0.3)

Krisztofer Meszaros (HUN - PH) Also begins with the Li Ning, has a really beautiful form, and then just flopped/collapsed onto the pommel horse. Remounts with a beautiful Wu. Some pikes on the Spindle. Nice Magyar Sivado and easy into the dismount. 12.666 (5.7/6.966)

Paschal Brendel (FX)of Germany is a newer face on the German team. He's qualified in 6th into this AA final. Big bounce back on the Randi, just a small hop on the second pass, -.3 off on the front double front. Good job sticking the side double twist. His russians are beautiful. V hold. back 3.2 to front straight (stuck), bounds to the side out of the triple full dismount. 13.5 (5.5/8.2)

The BBC Coverage is having a time with these name displays. They just labeled Ahmet Onder as Luka van den Keybus of Belgium.

Illia Kovtun (UKR - FX) big hop on the opening pass (front full to front double tuck), fh to front double pike with a step OOB, an impressive back 3.5 for a third pass. nearly stuck the fhs randi. Back 5/2 to front layout (really beautiful), nice flairs (up to handstand twice), triple twist with a small hop to dismount. 13.9 (6.1/7.9/-0.1).

Leo Salandino (FRA - VT) Kas double. Knees are a bit loose in the air but the direction is very good. 14.633 (5.6/9.033)

Thierno Diallo (ESP - PH) Opens with the Li Ning, loop to Sohn, good work on one pommel including a single russion, some form problems on the travelling elements including the Magyar/Sivado. Has to push a little bit up into the handstand and struggles to point his feet. 13.2 (5.6/8.566)

Ahmet Onder (TUR - VT) Kas 1.5 Kind of struggled to get the last half twist around and needs to tuck his knees a bit. 14.1 (5.2/9.0)

The stream labeled Ahmet Onder as Leo Salandino... odd.

Adem Asil (TUR - FX) - Front full to front double pike - ooh almost sits with his foot sliding out in front. Front lay to front double tuck so he's used his max 2 connection bonus options in the first two passes. Double double with a small hop. Front dive roll as a transition, double arabian with a small hop immediate transition into maltese into russians into split press to handstand, full in to dismount. 13.933 (5.8/8.133) A couple tenths up on his qualification score.

Nestor Abad (ESP - SR) It's a little questionable about how quick he starts. I would wait for the coach to step back as the FIG has recently clarified rules about this. Nice kip to maltese. Good body position but will incur deductions for the swinging rings. kip to planche, Yami to maltese, kip to handstand (a little bend), joh to handstand, good double double with a step back. 13.666 (5.3/8.366)

Jake Jarman (GBR - FX) double double straight with a small hop back, triple double tucked with a small hop, back 5/2 to front lay to front double, small hop on the back triple full as a side pass. Just unreal, Russians. ha - just had to lunge sideways because he was facing slightly the wrong direction, front full to Randi with a pretty big hop, And again a big step on the back 7/2 dismount. Wow. Huge routine. Almost certainly will be the most difficult in this final. Once he cleans up the landing he will be really hard to beat on this event. 14.366 (6.7/7.766/ -0.1ND)

Artur Davtyan (ARM - FX) 13.0 (4.6/8.4)

Joshua Nathan (GBR - PH) start on pommel horse. It's a strong event for him. Opens with a Li Ning (scissor to handstand), loops into triple russian, D Flop, and strange - he fell on the transition, remounts and struggles on the FLOP again. A second fall. Very unusual for him. Some nice single pommel work. Goes easily into the Busnari but is going to take a major deduction for the form break. Flies up well into the dismount. 11.400. 5.9/5.5

Rotation 1

Illia Kovtun, Adem Asil, and Jake Jarman qualified as the top three into today's final. I expect these three to stay on the podium but would be unsurprised if the order changed. It's possible that Artur Davtyan could squeeze onto the podium, but with relatively weak difficulty in comparison, he will need some help from the top three.

I'll be watching the BBC Stream today.


Article by: Kensley Behel


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