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2021/2023 World Univeristy Games Live Blog (Team Finals and Qualifications)

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. This is the live blog for the Men's Gymnastics Team Final/AA and Event Qualifications at the 2021/2023 FISU World University Games. The Live Stream Link is at the bottom!

2021/2023 FISU World University Games Team Results

China took home the gold in team final for the first time, beating 11-time champion, Japan by over two points!

All-Around Qualifiers

While China took the team title, it was Japan's Hashimoto Daiki who qualified first in the AA. Hashimoto's 88.698 is the highest score internationally this year to date! That being said, Hashimoto outscored Zhang by .999...and Zhang had a fall (worth 1 point). This final is going to be excellent!

Both Japan and China had all three all-arounders in the top 7; sadly Shi Cong and Kawakami Shohei were two-per-countried for the all-around despite their very competitive scores. I have often wondered if all three gymnasts qualify in the top 6 should be able to qualify regardless of the two-per-country rule because they have a very viable shot at the top.

Unlike other major championships, only the top 18 will qualify to the AA final.

Floor Exercise Qualifiers

  1. Minami Kazuki (JPN) - 14.7333

  2. Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) - 14.700

  3. Milad Karimi (KAZ) - 14.666

  4. Ryu Sunghyun (KOR) - 14.566

  5. Zhang Boheng (CHN) - 14.400

  6. Niccolo Vannucchi (ITA) - 14.266

  7. Lorenzo Bonicelli (ITA) - 14.133

  8. Dmitriy Patanin (KAZ) - 14.000

Pommel Horse Qualifiers

  1. Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) - 15.033

  2. Lee Chih-kai (TPE) - 14.866

  3. Nariman Kurbanov (KAZ) - 14.433

  4. Zou Jingyuan (CHN) - 14.366

  5. Kaya Kazuma (JPN) - 14.333

  6. Shiao Yu-jan (TPE) - 14.000

  7. Lan Xingyu (CHN) -13.866

  8. Gagik Khachikyan (ARM) - 13.766

Still Ring Qualifiers

  1. Lan Xingyu (CHN) - 15.300

  2. Nikita Simonov (AZE) - 14.966

  3. Zou Jingyuan (CHN) - 14.933

  4. Adem Asil (TUR) - 14.833

  5. Mahdi Ahmad Kohani (IRN) - 14.600

  6. Artur Avestisyan (ARM - 14.566

  7. Mehmet Kosak (TUR) - 14.533

  8. Vinzenz Hoeck (AUT) - 14.466

Vault Qualifiers

  1. Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR) - 14.699

  2. Tseng Wei-sheng (TPE) - 14.399

  3. Kim Jaeho (KOR) - 14.366

  4. Niccolo Vannucchi (ITA) - 14.266

  5. Pau Jimenez (ESP) - 14.249

  6. Adem Asil (TUR) - 14.066

  7. Asadbek Azamov (UZB) - 13.999

  8. Milad Karimi (KAZ) - 13.883

Parallel Bars Qualifiers

  1. Zou Jingyuan (CHN) - 15.866

  2. Zhang Boheng (CHN) - 15.400

  3. Sugimoto Kaito (JPN) - 14.866

  4. Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) - 14.600

  5. Milad Karimi (KAZ) - 14.266

  6. Marco Sarrugerio (ITA) - 14.166

  7. Dominic Tamsel (SUI) - 14.100

  8. Ryu Sunghyun (KOR) - 14.066

High Bar Qualifiers

  1. Hashimoto Daiki (JPN) - 15.266

  2. Zhang Boheng (CHN) - 15.233

  3. Shi Cong (CHN) - 15.200

  4. Milad Karimi (KAZ) - 14.800

  5. Kawakami Shohei (JPN) - 14.7000

  6. Fred Richard (USA) - 14.600

  7. Taylor Christopulos (USA) - 13.833

  8. Lee Chih-kai (TPE) - 13.800


Subdivision 4 (JPN, TPE, KOR, ITA, GER, AUS)


- I'm going to go sleep for an hour, but I'll fill in updates when I wake up!

Rotation 6


After 5:

Milad Karimi (KAZ - HB) Zou li min, 1/2, Cassina, tuck to Kolman WOW! tak 1/2, straddle to pike tkatchev,1/2 to eagle, lots of front giants, 1/2, Stuck double double! WOW! 14.800

Zou Jingyuan (CHN - HB) front uprise, Makuts, Diam, Back toss, peach 1/2 a bit short, BIG straddle front to long hang... that is So hard. , The Bhavsar is unreal, Tippelt, Healy, kicks out and sticks the landing! Legend. 15.866

Zhang Boheng (CHN - PB) peach to 1 bar with a bend, healy from one bar, Diam, Back toss, peach, front 1 1/4, Bhavsar, 1/2, Tippelt, Healy, STUCK dismount! 15.4 HOLY WOW! That goes into the lead but Zou Jingyuan is up next!

Shi Cong (CHN - PB) - 14.666

Lan Xingyu (CHN - PB) double salto with 1/2 turn peach 1/2, Belle, Big double flipping elements early on, The Bhavsar was huge! Turnover ont he Tippelt wasn't up to par, a big hop on the dismount.

Marco Pfyl (SUI - FX) front double full to punch layout to open, front full to double front with a big back step, front lay to front tuck lay, a bobble on the handstand, double arabian with a step OOB, Oh man. Scary landing on the dismount. He has had a rough go today! 11.700

Ricardo Rudy (AUT - PB) unique mount on the side, Moy, giant, Unless I'm mistaken he did a Moy twice? a little short on the stutz, good L sit, double pike with a small hop back. 12.433

Rotation 5


After 4:

  1. China - 172.363

  2. USA - 166.195

  3. Switzerland - 163.630

  4. Kazakhstan - 162.196

  5. Turkiye - 161.396

  6. Ukraine - 159.294

  7. Spain - 155.895

  8. Austria - 155.828

Ooh, Olly just announced on the broadcast that only 18 will make it into the AA final compared to the 24 we usually see.

Milad Karimi (KAZ - PB) Whippet to mount, peach, he really is so fluid on this event. Was a little low on the Tippelt, small arch on the Diam, double front 1/2 out dismount. 14.266 for the lead on PBars.

Shi Cong (CHN - VT) Too much power on the Kas double and stumbles backwards. 13.533

Zhang Boheng (CHN - VT) Handspring Randi with a big step back. 14.500

Su Weide (CHN - VT) A much better Kas double from Su. Much cleaner and a better landing! 14.600

Lan Xingyu (CHN - VT) BIG height on the Kas double. A little bit of leg form in the air. Good direction but has to take a HUGE step back. 14.433

Marco Pfyl (SUI - HB) oh no came completely off on the tak full. remounts. lay taktchev, into his tkatchev series, yamawaki, quast, actually quite a good Rybalko, OH NO! he lost his hands on the tak 1/2, Step back on the dismount. 10.133

Ravshan Kamiljanov (UZB - PB) L sit to handstand, a little lacking in amplitude on the Moy, a shorter routine that he dismounted with a double tuck. Several steps back needed. 11.833

Samir Serhani (SUI - HB) Strong routine highlighted by a straddled to pike Tkatchev! 13.400

Rotation 4


After 3:

  1. China - 128.830

  2. USA - 124.129

  3. Switzerland - 123.497

  4. Kazakhstan - 122.164

  5. Turkiye - 119.697

  6. Spain - 116.563

  7. Austria - 115.996

That rings rotations was absolutely superb! What a treat to watch!

Zhang Boheng (CHN - SR) azarian maltese, kip to maltese. He's very good here, but the positions are not quite as perfect as Lan Xingyu's which makes it very hard to follow that routine. Double double with a small hop. 14.833 He *Just* gets two per countries.

Lan Xingyu (CHN - SR) pull to planche, the slowest bounce to perfect maltese, honma cross, wow these positions are phenomenal. truly a brilliant planche, yami to maltese to iron cross, near perfect handstand, STUCK double double straight. Honestly poetry in motion! That should take the lead, I think. 15.300

Zou Jingyuan (CHN - SR) back uprise to inverted cross then puss into planche, then the V cross, kip to yami to joh. Wow. The forms is so good. Maltese, honma cross, levers to maltese, beautiful kick out to handstand and a small hop on the dismount! 14.933 for the lead!

Dmitriy Patanin (KAZ - VT) The Kas 1.5. The most difficult of the three vaults from Kazakhstan so far. 14.200

Ilyas Azizov (KAZ - VT) Kas full! Had good power and direction! Just a small pike down and step on the landing. 13.933

Diyas Toishybek (KAZ - VT) Just a Tsuk full! Fairly clean minus the toe point. 12.900

Ian Raubal (SUI - PB) peach 1/2 to open, peach, Whippet, a little messy in the Makuts, and again in the Healy, big straddle front, Stutz, Diam, L sit, double pike with a big hop back. 13.733

Vinzenz Hoeck (AUT - SR) pull to planche and lower to maltese, back uprise to inverted cross, does well ont he singing elements into the maltese, up to planche, bounce cross, good handstand, STUCK full-in. He absolutely should be in finals! 14.466 He's quite disappointed in that. Puts him in 6th for now.

Dominic Tamsel (SUI - PB) Whippet, Peach 1/2, Peach, giant, Suarez, Healy, Diam (hands walking) Diam 1/2, Stutz, double pike with a hop back. 14.100 puts him into first for now on parallel bars, but in two rotations, the greatest parallel bar worker of all time is going to perform on p bars!

Asadbek Azamov (UZB - VT) 13.999 Average

VT 1 - Roche (Handspring double front) 14.133

VT 2 - Handspring Rudi. Form is quite good in the air! 13.866

Rotation 3


After 2:

  1. China - 83.764

  2. USA - 83.197

  3. Switzerland - 82.264

  4. Ukraine - 81.764

  5. Kazakhstan - 79.798

  6. Turkiye - 76.565

  7. Austria - 76.531

  8. Spain - 75.098

Tim Randegger (SUI - VT) A Kas 1.5. that was well performed. Some very slight form issues but good overall! 14.166

Lan Xingyu (CHN - PH) Also mounts with a Li Ning, D Flop, a bit piked on the spindle oh... he has an interesting style on pommel horse. It's very aggressive and piked. 13.866

Zhang Boheng (CHN - PH) Li Ning to open that he does a weird straddle out of, and oops after the second one, he hit the pommel horse on the Sohn, D Flop, Wu to Tong Fei to Magyar to Sivadogood on the triple russians, and does well on the dismount! 13.333

Milad Karimi (KAZ - SR) back uprise to straddle planche, holds the handstand well, and again, joh to yami to straddle sit, apparently Kazakhstan utilizes the same rings routines. Just changes the dismount for a double double! 13.133

Ilyas Azizov (KAZ - SR) back uprise to straddle planche, giant to handstand, front giant to handstand, joh to yami to straddle sit, just a small hop on the tucked full-in dismount. 12.533

Zou Jingyuan (CHN - PH) Li Ning to open with a slight arch, his form overall is reception on this event, the russians are textbook into the Magyar Sivado and flies up to the handstand. WOW! 14.366 (Over a 9.000 in execution!!)

Daniel Zander (AUT - PH) Scissors to open, pretty short routine with some Stoekli's and a 1/2 Sivado before the dismount. 11.066

Ravshan Kamiljanov (UZB - SR) Straddle planche to L sit, and swings well into the L sit again. Big push into the handstand, biiggg bend on the handstand, STUCK full-in! 11.733

Manuel Arnold (AUT - PH) C Scissor to open, D flop, and falls off on the single pommel work. Remounts into a Tong Fei, Magyar, Sivado and goes well into the dismount. 12.600

Ian Raubal (SUI - VT) Wow! Beautiful stuck Kas full! 13.966

Marco Pfyl (SUI - VT) Kas full. 13.766

Rotation 2


After 1:

  1. China - 41.732

  2. Kazakhstan - 40.732

  3. Switzerland - 40.366

  4. Ukraine - 40.265

  5. USA - 40.098

  6. Turkiye - 39.699

  7. Austria - 39.265

  8. Finland - 38.600

Shi Cong (CHN - FX) WOW! That opening pass is incredible. Just the smallest of hops on the double front pike, just a simple back layout side pass, handstand is well-held! And finishes off with a double full. 13.866

Nariman Kurbanov (KAZ -PH) Mikulak to open, Tong Fei, Magyar Sivadogood travel work, single russian on one pommel Sohn, oh no big push into the dismount and he didn't do the dismount he would have wanted. 14.433

Zhang Boheng (CHN - FX) front full to double front pike, back 3.5, Randi, beautiful side double full, back 2.5 to front lay, lovely non-acro work, triple full with a small hop. 14.400 puts him into first on floor.

Su Weide (CHN - FX) had a fall, which China will hope to drop

It took nearly the entire first rotation to find all the new links so, we are just getting started with China on floor. Based on the scores it looks like Mahdi Ahmad Kohani from Iran had a successful rings routine (14.600)

As per usual with gymnastics, watching is never straightforward. The FISU Stream is not working but the Olympic Channel one is.

Rotation 1


Subdivision 3 (CHN, AUT, UZB, KAZ, SUI, IRI)


After Day 1 of AA and Event Qualifications/Team Finals


  1. USA - 246.361

  2. Türkiye - 241.894

  3. Spain - 236.093

  4. Ukraine - 235.826

  5. Finland - 224.895

  6. Cyprus - 217.659


  1. Fred Richard (USA) - 82.999

  2. Adem Asil (TUR) - 81.698

  3. Nicolau Mir (ESP) - 80.931

  4. Josh Karnes (USA) - 80.798

  5. Ivan Tikhonov - 79.698

  6. Landen Blixt (USA - 2PC) - 79.032

  7. Pantely Kolodii (UKR) - 79.031

  8. Mehmet Kosak (TUR) - 78.165

  9. Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR) - 78.164

Pantely Koladii (UKR - PH) B Flop, D Flop, Magyar, Sivado, Roth, Tong Fei into triple russian dismount. 13.600

Antti Varjolaakso (FIN - HB) completes both a lay and straddle tkatchev really had to tuck the full-in straight dismount to not crash.

Nicolau Mir (ESP - FX) 13.766

Adem Asil (TUR - HB) Yami to endo to zou li min, tak 1/1, tak 1/2, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev to piked tkatchev, full-in straight with a big hop. 13.800

Rotation 6


After 5:

  1. USA - 206.128

  2. Turkiye - 201.262

  3. Ukraine - 197.893

  4. Spain - 195.261

  5. Finland - 188.829

  6. Cyprus - 181.527

Anton Jaaskelainen (FIN - PB) Not the most difficult of routines but his line is stunning. dumped the double pike over, landed a bit lock-legged. 12.500

Neofytos Kyriakou (CYP - HB) Really struggled throughout the routine and ended up falling off the high bar. 10.633

Georgious Angonas (CYP - HB) a bit late on the tak full, good on the tak 1/2, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, stalder, one-arm giant, double double with a big step forward. 13.100

Bohdan Suprun (UKR - FX) front full to double front with a hop back, punch randi, sat the front lay to double full, back double full with a hop for a side pass, good russians, sits the back 2.5 as well, triple full to dismount. 10.833

Mehmet Kosac (TUR - PB) Whippet, peach 1/2 with several adjustments, peach, giant, peach basket to L sit, 1/2, double front 1/2 out to finish!

Marco Jovicic (CRO - FX) - 11.600

Pau Jimenez (ESP - HB) Yami, Kovacs, 1/2, zou li min, tak 1/2, one-arm giant, layout full-in with a small hop. 12.500

Oriol Rifa (ESP - HB) endo 1/2, straddle tkatchev, stalder, stuck full-in! 12.500

Jakov Vlahek (CRO - FX) punch tuck to punch layout, groundout back tuck, lovely flairs, back layout to finish. That's quite a short routine but it was executed quite well!

Rotation 5:


After 4:

  1. USA - 166.195

  2. Turkiye - 161.396

  3. Ukraine - 159.294

  4. Spain - 155.895

  5. Finland - 151.730

  6. Cyprus - 146.261

Georgious Angonas (CYP - PB) Whippet, Peach, Diam, Stutz, peach basket to L sit, Healy, double pike with a step.

Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR - HB) zou li min, 1/2, Kovacs, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, one-arm giant, endo, double double with a big step back. 12.966

Patrick Palmroth (FIN - VT) 13.033 Average

VT 1 - Tsuk 1.5

VT 2 - Tsuk full

Nicolau Mir (ESP - PB) Whippet, peach 1/2, peach, Diam, Giant, front 1 1/4, Tippelt, Stutz immediately into the double pike.

Mehmet Kosak (TUR - VT) - 13.533

Adem Asil (TUR - VT) - 14.066

VT 1 - Wow - lots of height on the Blanik (handspring double front pike). He opens up well before the landing. Just a small hop back. 14.166

VT 2 - Handspring Rudi. So not full difficulty today. 13.966

Yunus Gundogdu (TUR - VT) sat the Handspring double front (Roche) 12.966

Rotation 4


After 3:

  1. USA - 124.129

  2. Ukraine - 121.629

  3. Turkiye - 119.697

  4. Spain - 116.563

  5. Finland - 111.498

  6. Cyprus - 108.796

Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR - PB) Whippet, peach to 1 bar, and again to the side rail, has been moving well throughout the apparatus, Big Bhavsar into Diam 1 1/4. Double front with a step forward to dismount. 13.666

Pantely Kolodii (UKR - PB) kip to l sit, good straddle to handstand, giant (hands walking), Tippelt, 1/2, front uprise from upper arms to front 1 1/4, Healty, 1/2, Diam, Stutz, double pike with a small hop. 13.166

Patrick Palmroth (FIN - SR) a little high on the iron cross, L Sit, joh to yami to L sit, a little bobble on the handstand, big arch on the second but another Stuck dismount for Team Finland! 12.000

Georgios Angonas (CYP - VT) - 13.766 Average

VT 1 - Yurchenko double with a small hop! 13.833

VT 2 - Kas Full. It was a little less clean than his first vault. 13.700

Antti Varjolaakso (FIN - SR) good honma L sit, joh to yami to L sit, bent arms as he presses for the handstand, and a little arch on the second, stuck double front pike to end! He's very happy about that! 12.266

Mehmet Kosak (TUR- SR) Beautiful positions and capped off the routine with a stuck dismount and a shout! 14.533

Adem Asil (TUR - SR) back pull to planche, azarian maltese (low), kip to inverted cross (high), joh to yami to maltese, back uprise to planche, bounce cross, kip to handstand, double double with a big step back. He really needed a big score as the reigning world still rings champion. 14.833

That score puts him into second for the still rings final behind Simonov.

Nicolau Mir (ESP - VT) Kas full. Lots of power and a hop back. 13.833

Joshua Williams (ESP - VT) Yurchenko full. Not a lot of difficulty but was performed very well. Just a small hop at the end. 13.266

Yunus Gundogdu (TUR - SR) Azarian maltese, bounce cross, back uprise to planche, yami to joh to maltese, honma cross (low), giant to handstand, several stumbles back on the double front pike dismount. 13.133

Rotation 3


After 2:

  1. USA - 83.197

  2. Ukraine - 81.764

  3. Turkiye - 76.565

  4. Spain - 75.098

  5. Finland - 74.599

  6. Cyprus - 68.597

Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR - VT) - 14.699 Average

VT 1 - Dragulescu. Lots of power, honestly a bit too much and does well to keep it on his feet. 14.533

VT 2 - Kas double with a big step back. 14.866

Tarmo Kanerva (FIN - PH) Has a really lovely swing, struggle to keep that beautiful form on some of the traveling elements but flies up to the difficult dismount. 12.366

Neofytos Kyriankou (CYP - SR) Did quite well to not come off the rings after such a big break on the handstand! 10.566

Pau Jimenez (ESP - SR) azarian iron cross, kip to l sit, a little swings on the handstand hold, joh to yami to L sit, big break on the handstand, double double with a big step back. 12.433

Adem Asil (TUR - PH) Li Ning to start, Tong Fei into triple russian and then absolutely did a fascinating unintentional dismount. Quite similar to Fred Richard's fall. remounts and flies up to the dismount. 11.600

Joshua Williams (ESP - SR) kip to L sit, joh to yami to straddle sit, some struggles to keep the rings still on the handstands but sticks the dismount! 12.733

Kerem Sener (TUR - PH) scissors to start, some regular circles, magyar to sivado to dismount. 11.133

Rotation 2


After 1:

  1. Ukraine - 40.265

  2. Turkey - 39.699

  3. Finland - 38.600

  4. Spain - 36.966

  5. Cyprus - 33.365

Pantely Kolodii (UKR - SR) Azarian iron cross, honma cross, joh to yami to L sit, straddle to handstand (well-held) a little bobble on the subsequent handstands, stuck dismount! 13.533

Bohdan Suprun (UKR - SR) maltese to open, kip to maltese, bounce cross with open hands to show there is no false grip, rings swinging a bit on the handstand, joh to honma cross, straddle planche, a little bit of wobbling on the handstand. Nearly sticks the double double tucked. 13.466

Tarmo Kanerva (FIN - FX) Randi to open, front lay to front double full with a hop, just a little shy on the double tuck but lovely split to handstand, has a little pause ont he second handstand, front full for a side pass, back double full with a small hop, back 2.5 to dismount.

Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR - SR) a little high on the iron cross, joh to yami to L sit, stuck double double dismount! 13.266

Olly is announcing on the stream that there have been changes to the Cyprus line-up, and possibly a withdrawal to the competition.

Neofytos Kyriakou (CYP - PH) clean routine throughout with a bit of a push to get through the dismount. 11.633

Turkey is submitting an inquiry for Adem Asil on Floor. His score was increased by 0.1

Yunus Gundogdu (TUR - FX) Had a couple of stumbles on the first two passes, low chest on the double layout, Layout for a side pass, good handstand sequence, double arabian to end. 12.966

Adem Asil (TUR - FX) front full to double front pike (big step back) front lay to double front, just a small hop on the third pass, very open double arabian, well-held handstand, full-in to end. 13.533 (It was previously 13.433 before the inquiry)

Orial Rifa (ESP - PH) C Scissor, Stoeklie into Magyar into Sivado and cleanly into the dismount.

Joshua-Jack Williams (ESP - PH) Goes cleanly through the Magyar Sivado and flies up to the dismount! 12.300

Pau Jimenez (ESP - PH) A little bit piked throughout but managed to stay on! 11.700

The gymnasts are warming up on their first apparatus.

Rotation 1


Subdivision 2 (TUR, FIN, ESP, CYP, CRO, UKR)


Subdivision 1 Results


  1. USA - 246.361


  1. Fred Richard (USA) - 82.999

  2. Josh Karnes (USA) - 80.798

  3. Ivan Tikhonov (AZE) - 79.698

  4. Landen Blixt (USA) - 79.032

  5. Jose Medes Nogueira (POR) - 78.098

  6. Ricards Plate (LAT) - 75.931

  7. Sebastian Gawronski (POL) - 75.465

  8. Alkinoos Graikos (GRE) - 74.598

Of the top event scores from the first subdivision, Nikita Simonov (AZE) and Artur Avetisyan (ARM) should move through to still rings finals; and, Fred Richard should move through to high bar finals. Most of the others are wait and see.

Fred Richard (USA - PH) Li Ning to open, triple russian in between the pommels, great flair spindle work that gets a big applause from the audience, oh nooooo he loses it in the travels and came off of the horse, remounts and goes well into the handstand. 13.400

Josh Karnes (USA - PH) C Scissor, Wu, Flop, Sohn, spindle in flairs, slide travel in flairs, wow very efficient routine from Karnes. 13.300

Fredrik Aas (NOR - FX) double tuck to open with a small hop, front full to layout 1/2, stuck double full, stuck layout for the side pass, lovely handstand, triple full dismount. 12.566

Landen Blixt (USA - PH) Mikulak to open, C scissor, Stoekli, and oh wow almost came off on the second flop, travels well, but that was not the intended dismount. 12.633

Ian Skirkey (USA - PH) Mikulak to open, D flop, wild on the Sohn but clips the horse on the Bezugo, clean through the Wu and the Roth, Magyar to Sivado, triple russian dismount on the end. It's amazing that he did not fall on that routine. 13.533

Ivan Tikhonov (AZE - HB) Wild on the Cassina, and again a huge straddle on the Kolman, lay tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, 1/2, 1/1, grip change to eagle, endo, stalder, beautiful stuck double double! 13.400

Sixth Rotation


After 5

USA - 206.128

Team USA Floor Total: 39.933 (This is well down from what it should have been).

Fred Richard (USA - FX) This has been a wild floor rotation for the U.S. He missed the punch and connection into the double front and just did a single salto. Following the flairs (which were excellent), he's done well on the landings. Aside from high bar, his performance has been pretty nervy in comparison to his usual. 13.533

Julian Jato (ARG - PB) Healy, peach 1/2, peach, giant, Tippelt, 1/2, I think he clipped his foot on the Bhavsar, double pike with a small hop. 12.266

Taylor Christopulos (USA - FX) double double straight to open, sits the front full to double front combo, good double double tuck with a small hop, really lovely form on the russians, a small bobble on the wide-arm handstand, sticks the double full side pass, and sticks the fifth pass as well, just a small hop on the triple full dismount. 12.900

Ricards Plate (LAT - HB) zou li min, tak 1/2, piked Tkatchev, straddle tkatchev, stalder 1/2 (very late), tak, 1/2, piked/layout (unclear) full-in dismount. 12.466

Sebastian Gawronski (POL - PB) Not the most difficulty but was a pretty clean routine! 12.733

Josh Karnes (USA - FX) Some small hops on the first couple of landings but lovely flair work, just a layout for a side pass, triple full to dismount. 13.500

Ivan Tikhonov (AZE - PB) Whippet, Peach, peach 1/2, giant, Suarez, Healy, has to walk a bit after the Stutz, nearly misses the back toss but good dismount! 13.166

Frankie Lee (HKG - FX) missed the first half of the routine but his russians looked a bit short, and has to end the triple full with hands down. 11.466

Fifth Rotation


After 4:

USA - 166.195

High Bar Total 42.666

Taylor Christopulos (USA - HB) zou li min, tak 1/2, Kolman, Kovacs, Straddle Tkatchev, stalder, quast, one-arm giant, Stuck dismount! 13.833

Fred Richard (USA - HB) Cassina, Kolman, lay tkatchev, straddle to pike tkatchev, quast to one arm, 1/2, tak 1/1, tak 1/2, full-in with a small hop. That will almost certainly make the high bar final. The crowd was really in 14.600

Wout Teillers (NED - PB) kip to L sit, straddle to handstand, peach, giant, front uprise to front 1 1/4, Diam to Suarez, double pike with a small hop. 12.533

Landen Blixt (USA - HB) 13.300

Josh Karnes (USA - HB), Zou li min, tak 1/2, tightly tucked Kolman, Lay Tkatchev, Straddle to pike Tkatchev, giant 1/2, tak, big hop on the full-twisting double layout. The height on his releases is incredible. If he cleans up his tak/Adler entry, his score would increase quite a bit, I think! 13.633

Sebastian Gawronski (POL - VT) 13.516

VT 1 - A Handspring double pike right to his bottom. That looked like it hurt, a lot. On the replay it does look like his feet hit first. 13.566

VT 2 - Falls on the Tsuk double pike. 13.466

Julian Jato (ARG - VT) Kas full. Was a little bit off direction. 13.200

Alkinoos Graikos (GRE - PB) Makuts, Healy, Diam, Stutz, front uprise, double pike. 12.533

Ivan Tikhonov (AZE - VT) - 13.516 Average

VT - 1 Sits the Yurchenko double pike 13.633

VT -2 Kas 1.5. Legs were a bit messy and had to take a huge step off of the mat. 13.400

Jose Mendes Nogueira (POR - PB) giant to open, Moy, peach, front uprise, double pike. 12.600

Fourth Rotation


After 3: (Only USA is competing with a full team in the first subdivision)

USA - 124.129

Team USA PB Total:40.932

Landen Blixt (USA - PB) peach to handstand (walk), a little bent knees on the Bhavsar, 1/2, Tippelt, Healy, 1/2 weird bobble before the front 1 1/4 from upper arms, stuck double pike to end. 13.566

Fred Richard (USA - PB) kip to handstand, Makuts, really short on the Stutz into the Suarez and front 1 1/4, a little low on the Bhavsar, 1/2, Tippelt, big bend in the Healy, STUCK double front. 13.900

Josh Karnes (USA - PB) Whippet to open, peach - lots of hands walking, a little slow on the Makuts, Healy, Diam, Moy, 1/2 giant, Big Bhavsar, 1/2, Tippelts, double front with a small hop. 13.466

Sebastian Gawronski (POL - SR) kip to planche, giant to handstand, and front giant to handstand, maltese, bounce cross, straddle sit, press to handstand, double double to end with a hop back. 13.400

Ricards Plate (LAT - VT) 13.166 Average

VT 1 - Kas full. Some bent legs in the air with a -0.3 step on the landing. 13.666

VT 2 - Yurchenko full. Didn't get the block he needed so he had to pike down before a low landing. 12.666

Ruan Lange (RSA - VT) really pretty Yurchenko double full with a step back. 13.966

Volodymyr Otreshko (SVK - SR) Azarian iron cross, kip to a very slow yami to iron cross, L sit, quite a large arm bend as he pushes to handstand. Stuck the tucked full-in dismount. 12.333

Nikita Simonov (AZE - SR) azarian planche to azarian maltese. back uprise to inverted cross, yami to joh to maltese, bounce cross, giant to handstand, STUCK layout full-in! 14.966 HUGE number for him! That will definitely make finals!

Nicolas Garfias Chan (PER - SR) the video buffered at the beginning of his routine, good through the swinging elements to L sit, well-held handstand, beautiful full-in double tuck with a small hop. 11.500

Artur Avetisyan (ARM - SR) The reigning Universiade SR Champion, beautiful azairan planche to azarian maltese. Near perfect execution. Iron Cross is well held, good on the handstand. Yami to maltese, pull to iron cross, back uprsie to planche, small arch in the final handstand, small hop on the full-in layout. 14.566

Alkinoos Graikos (GRE - VT) Kas full with several little steps. 13.633

Jose Medes Nogueira (POR - VT) Kas 1.5 13.666

Third Rotation


After 2: (Only USA is competing with a full team in the first subdivision)

USA - 83.197

USA Vault Total: 43.099

They never showed Christopulos' vault but he scored a 14.466

Julian Jato (ARG - PH) Just a little bit off and ends up coming off the pommel horse. 9.533

Josh Karnes (USA - VT) Big upgrade to a Kas double full. The vault has a lot of potential. Legs are currently a bit messy but if he can clean that up, it will be a big and necessary vault for the U.S. as he is one of the only ones doing a 5.6 + difficulty vault. 13.933 (-0.3 ND)

Fred Richard (USA - VT) oh wow! Nearrlllyyy stuck the handspring double front but I don't know how. His landing was so incredibly low. 13.800

Landen Blixt (USA - VT) STUCK Shewfelt (Yurchenko 2.5). Wow that was good! 5.2/9.500 14.700

Ricards Plate (LAT - SR) kip to L sit, beautiful yami to joh to L sit, a little swing on the handstands, sits the 1.5 twisting double tuck. 11.600

Ka Ka NG (HKG - VT) - 13.650 Average

VT 1 - Falls backward on the Tsuk double pike - 13.400

VT 2 - Handspring double front with a big step forward. 13.900

Stavros Gkinis (GRE - SR) beautiful azarian maltese, kip to maltese, bounce cross, really lovely so far! OH NO! huge bend on the handstand. It was going so well. cleanly through the swinging elements to honma cross, Very large step froward after the double double dismount. 12.666

Gagik Khachikyan (ARM - PH) Scissor (C) to open, and oh wow, he came off on what I think was an attempted Kerr. He would have likely been a favorite for the final, remounts and does perform the Kerr very well, some FLOP sequences and a lovely russian in between pommels. Does very well on the Wu. It really is a shame about the opening move. 13.766 (with a fall!)

Alkinoos Graikos (GRE - SR) L sit to open and out to a planche, some form issues on the giants and a big bobble on the front giant to handstand, ends with a double double with a small step. 12.133

Second Rotation


After 1: (Only USA is competing with a full team in the first subdivision)

  1. USA PH Total - 40.098

Nicolas Garfias Chan (PER - FX) missed the first half of the routine but has a small bobble on the first handstand and redeems the second, back 2.5 to end. 12.133

Fred Richard (USA - SR) kip to planche (good) to L sit to maltese (was angled and will receive a deduction), well through the swinging elements, good handstands and double double to end with a small step. 13.766

Julian Jato (ARG - FX) front lay full to double front, double front full, tidy third pass, a bit of messy legs on the back double full but manages to stick it. Holds the wide arm handstand well into V hold (B), back 2.5 to end! 12.566

Josh Karnes (USA - SR) kip to L sit, push to handstand, yami to joh to straddle sit, straddles up to the handstand, giant handstand, and again, nearly stuck the full-twisting double layout. Needed a step at the end. 12.966

Ricards Plate (LAT - PH) opens with some scissors, Stoeckli into B flop, travels well across teh pommel, Magyar to Sivado into the triple russian dismount. 13.100

Taylor Christopulos (USA - SR) pull to iron cross (good), back uprise to straddle planche and lowers well to the iron cross, joh to yami to straddle sit (rings are swinging a small amount), press to handstand, giant to handstand, and again, double double with a small step. 13.366

Sebastian Gawronski (POL-FX) opens with a really powerful double front pike with a big pike, comes back with the double front with an OOB, lots of power but struggles to keep it in bounds as he goes OOB with the double arabian as well. Small step on the side double full. Lovely Russians, back 2.5 to front lay, and triple full with a big bounce back to end. 13.033

Ivan Tikhonov (AZE - FX) - front lay to Randi to open, a lovely double layout for the second pass. Does well to stick the side double full, back 1.5 to front tuck full, and a small hop on the dismount. 13.033

Jose Mendez Nogueira (POR - PH) scissors to open, 1/2 sivado to Magyar to Sivado and presses well into the dismount. 12.466

First Rotation




LIVE Results:

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