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What's Happening in Men's Gymnastics (July 10)

A. German Gymnastics National Championships

The 2023 German Gymnastics National Championships concluded on July 9 in Düsseldorf and a new national champion was crowned.

The only gymnast to break the 80.000 mark, Pascal Brendal, took his first national all-around title in the absence of Olympic silver medalist, Lukas Dauser. While Brendal was the favorite for gold, Nick Klessing was a surprise for the silver medal. Klessing, known for his exceptional work on still rings, managed to secure second place though for most of the competition, he was battling for bronze with Lucas Kochen and Maxim Kovalenko. Pommel horse standout, Nils Dunkel had been challenging Brendal for the title but a mistake on high bar in the final rotation led him to slip down the rankings to third.

Brendal and Klessing also took home event titles on vault and still rings respectively but it was newcomer Daniel Mousichidis, who managed two titles on both floor and pommel horse. Mousichidis was not a favorite for either title but falls on floor from Klessing and a disastrous pommel horse final allowed the 18-year-old to take home two gold medals. Glenn Trebing secured gold on parallel bars with a 13.933.

Veteran, Andy Toba, struggled through most of the competition. After the all-around and day 1 event finals, he posted on Instagram detailing that he was thankful to be able to compete on all apparatuses, but struggled with the fact that his training was not reflected in his competition. On the last day of the competition, Toba soared to new heights claiming the high bar title. After dealing with a collarbone injury, he said that this success was "a very emotional moment."

Full results can be found here.

B. New Zealand Gymnastics National Championships

More than 900 gymnasts competed across multiple disciplines and age groups at the 2023 New Zealand Gymnastics National Championships. Unsurprisingly, Misha Koudinov took the elite all-around title followed by Sam Dick and William Fu Allen.

Event Results can be found here.

C. 2023 Pan Arab Games

The Pan Arab Games returned for the first time in 12 years, where 22 nations and territories gathered in Algeria. University of Michigan's Lais Najjar, took home gold in the all-around for Syria with a 78.267. World silver medalist, Ahmad Abu Al-Soud of Jordan took gold on pommel horse.

D. New Professional Gymnastics League Launched

"The World Gymnastics Association, the first-ever professional gymnastics league, has just been launched after years in the making, offering an opportunity for gymnast talents to be rewarded with big cash prizes. The World Gymnastics Association (WGA) currently focuses on men’s artistic gymnastics but plans to introduce women’s gymnastics soon."

The WGA provides a platform for gymnasts to participate in online competitions, with plans to host in-person events in the near future. As the league grows, so will the prize pools, providing an even greater incentive for gymnasts to participate. The WGA aims to help gymnasts earn money while pursuing their passion. Additionally, the WGA introduces a new rulebook with fewer restrictions and more skills, allowing for more unique routines. Olympian and 5-time Oceania champion, Misha Koudinov, says that when he heard of the WGA, he was “immediately drawn to the idea” and that it will “help keep gymnasts around for longer.”

The founder of the WGA, Owen Magraken, states “The launch of the WGA will revolutionize gymnastics forever. It provides a long-awaited platform to engage fans and monetize gymnasts’ careers.” Olympic gymnast René Cournoyer also shares his excitement saying that the WGA is a great way to “make our sport even more exciting for the public and increase its popularity.” The WGA’s first virtual competition is scheduled from July 9-25, with the prize pool totaling $10,000 CAD. For the first competition, the WGA is offering free registration.

The competition is open to anyone, and you can sign up now at and submit your routines on your own schedule. The routines will be judged and broadcast on their YouTube channel @WGAgymnastics on July 28.

For more information on the World Gymnastics Association and its upcoming events, visit"

E. World Champion Earns Honorary Doctorate

World Champion, Rhys McClenaghan received an honorary doctorate from Ulster University last week. "McClenaghan was recognized for his outstanding dedication in the pursuit of excellence and improvement in sport

F. Oklahoma Gymnastics Gets a Facelift

The decorated Sooners gymnastics program received updates to their already stellar training gym. These updates come ahead of the proposed $13,750,000 in renovations.

Photo Credit: OU Gymnastics

G. New Skills

The new Men's Technical Committee Newsletter was published earlier this month. There's not a lot new aside from rules clarifications. However, the MTC did confirm four new skills including the Reid on pommel horse.

Other new skills include the Minami 2 on floor (H), the Dolidze on pommels (D), and the Matsunaga on parallel bars (D).

Six new skills have also been added to the NAIGC Code of Points.

H. Italian Gymnastics Announces FISU Games Team

Italy is the latest country to announce its team for the 2023 FISU Games in Chengdu, China. The team is comprised of Lorenzo Bonicelli, Lay Giannini, Stefano Patron, Marco, Sarruggerio, and Niccolo Vannucchi. For a full list of announced teams competing, click here.

I. New Gymnastics App Launched

Olympic Champion, Max Whitlock, and his coach, Scott Hann, have launched a new app called Gymnastics Genius. The app is geared toward coaches and includes comprehensive resources for both men's and women's artistic gymnastics.

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Article by: Kensley Behel


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