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What's Happening in Men's Gymnastics (August 8)

A. 2021/2023 FISU World University Games

China took the team final ahead of Japan and South Korea at the 2021/2023 FISU World University Games; the US came in fourth. This is the first time that China has won the team title at the Universiade.

A full recap of the team final can be found here.

Many had long-awaited the return of the Hashimoto/Zhang showdown, but it was not to be. In the second rotation, Hashimoto had a scary fall on pommel horse that resulted in a concussion and a subsequent withdrawal from the competition. Though fierce competitors, Zhang visibly kept checking on Hashimoto following his injury; following the competition, Zhang said in an interview that he would have been happier competing with Hashimoto.

A recap of the all-around final can be found here.

Full results can be found here.

B. 2023 U.S. Core Hydration Classic

Asher Hong took the AA title followed by Khoi Young and Paul Juda. The nearly 8 hours of competition boasted a record-breaking number of gymnasts. Five of the six event winners came from session 1, the exception being Connor McCool on floor in session 2. Stephen Nedoroscik took home the title on pommel horse, Hong took home titles on still rings and vault, Curran Phillips was the best of the field on parallel bars, and Olympian, Shane Wiskus was first on high bar. Sixteen additional athletes qualified for the 2023 U.S. National Championships in San Jose, California.

A full recap of the Core Hydration Classic can be found here.

C. Heath Thorpe's Appeal and Future

Australian National Champion, Heath Thorpe, filed a formal appeal after being left off of the world championships team. The appeal was partially upheld. Following the appeal, Gymnastics Australia chose the original team for a second time.

The appeal cost Thorpe approximately AU $19,000. He has started a GoFundMe to help cover the costs. Additional funds recovered will be used to fund Thorpe's costs for traveling to World Cups. Following the World Cup competitions this fall, Thorpe will be competing in the German Bundesliga with TSG Grünstadt.

D. Injury Updates

Brazilian star, Caio Souza, suffered an Achilles tear on August 3, 2023. This injury will almost certainly take him out of contention for the world's team and significantly lessen their chance of qualifying a full team for the Olympics.

Oklahoma's Vitaliy Guimaraes announced that he is recovering from shoulder surgery in May.

E. World Silver Medalist Gets Married

World pommel horse silver medalist, Ahmad Abu Al-Soud got married this past weekend.

F. Swiss/Spanish Friendly Competition

On August, 5th the Swiss and Spanish national teams participated in a friend competition in Lenzburg Switzerland. Each country fielded two teams and the results can be seen below!

Spain's Nestor Abad topped the all-around competition with a massive 85.000 followed by Swiss gymnasts Noe Seifert and Florian Langenegger.

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Article by: Kensley Behel

Note: A previous version of this article stated that Caio Souza suffered from an ACL tear. That was incorrect and has now been rectified to state that he suffered from an Achilles tear.


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