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LIVE BLOG: Day 1 - 2024 Xfinity National Gymnastics Championships

The Best U.S. Gymnasts fight for their spot on the National Team

Gabriel Sanchez

May 30, 2024

This is the live blog for the 2024 Xfinity National Gymnastics Championships. Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. The Live Stream and Live Scoring can be found at the bottom of the page!

DAY 1 Results

  1. Brody Malone - 85.950

  2. Fred Richard - 84.350

  3. Donnell Whittenburg - 83.500

  4. Colt Walker - 83.500

  5. Khoi Young - 83.400

  6. Shane Wiskus - 83.400

  7. Paul Juda - 82.750

  8. Cameron Bock - 82.750

  9. Yul Moldauer - 82.450

  10. Asher Hong - 82.250

Event Leaders:

FX - Paul Juda - 14.75

PH - Stephen Nedoroscik - 15.400

SR - Alex Diab - 14.800

VT (single) - Khoi Young - 14.800

PB - Curran Phillips 15.500

HB - Brody Malone - 14.900

Brody Malone (HB) A HUGE 6.7 D on high bar. The Tak 1/2 to Liukin is chef's kiss. STUCK dismount!!!

Curran Phillips (HB) had a fall and stayed down for a while. Back up now.

Khoi Young (PH) BIG BIG bend on the Li Ning, Busnari, flaired side travel, really piked on the FLOP, Wu, Magyar Sivado with a small amount of skew and fell on the dismount. He's going to have to do it again because he won't get credit otherwise. Much better the second time. 12.600

Shane Wiskus (HB) good routine. Just a hop on the landing 13.500

Yul Moldauer (VT) Really strange Kas 1.5. Definitely fell and looks like he's in pain.

Asher Hong (PH) Has to push on the opener - definitely will be a big deduction. And he didn't do his intended dismount. 11.750

Rotation 6


After 5:

  1. Brody Malone - 71.050

  2. Khoi Young - 70.800

  3. Asher HOng - 70.500

  4. Shane Wiskus - 69.900

  5. Colt Walker - 69.850

  6. Yul M

    oldauer - 69.800

  7. Fred Richard - 69.750

  8. Cameron Bock - 69.250

Curran Phillips (PB) goreous Diam 1/2 to open, everything is so gorgeous and smooth, BIG straddle front 1 1/4, chest wayyy down on the landing and a hop. 15.500 He would have gone over 16 if not for the dismount.

Khoi Young (FX) front full to double front with a small hop, second pass was a bit short, double lay is gorgeous, stuck the fifth pass, Overall good routine

Frederick Richard (HB) Cassina is good, Kolman is good, lay tkatchev, straddle to piked tkatchev, quast to one arm giant which is super clever because it misses the regrasp deduction. Double double with a small hop. 14.400

Patty Hoopes (PH) - 14.950

Donnell Whittenburg (FX) did the Ri Se Gwang for the first time in competition since 2022! Fantastic vault! Just a few hops back

Asher Hong (FX) He looks great in the air but is struggling to control the landings. The double double straight is gorgeous. He went OOB a couple of times. 13.950

Brody Malone (PB) - Pretty cleanly through. A small hop back


After 4:

  1. Khoi Young - 56.650

  2. Asher Hong - 56.600

  3. Brody Malone - 56.500

  4. Colt Walker - 56.250

  5. Yul Moldauer - 55.800

  6. Paul Juda - 55.550

Colt Walker (HB) Really about as good as he can go here with just a small hop on the landing.

Yul Moldauer (PH) take a fall

Asher Hong (HB) Zou li min, Kolman, lay tkatchev, lots of height on the straddle tkatchev, ... really good on the tak 1/1, really fights for the stick on the double double straight dismount. One of the best high bar sets I've ever seen from him.

Donnell Whittenburg (SR) Started strong but he realllyyy went over on one of the handstands and then took a couple steps back.

Brody Malone (VT) Kas 1.5. He with a hop and a bit over the line.

Curran Phillips (VT) Looks like he was REALLY going for the stick. His block seemed a bit lower than usual and just under rotated.

Rotation 4


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After 3:

  1. Yul Moldauer - 43.250

  2. Asher Hong - 43.250

  3. Khoi Young - 42.900

  4. Colt Walker - 42.800

  5. Brody Malone - 42.500

  6. Cameron Bock - 41.950

  7. Paul Juda - 41.400

  8. Riley Loos - 41.300

  9. Shane Wiskus - 41.100

  10. Fred Richard - 41.050

Yul Moldauer (FX) Really strong control throughout with a STUCK dismount

Asher Hong (PB) A little bit slow on the Makuts. And walked his hands more than is ideal, bu tstuck the dismount!

Sam Phillips (FX) a little hoppy but by far the prettiest routine!

Alex Diab (SR) - very clean routine. STUCK full-in

Brody Malone (SR) - pretty good routine. A little high on the inverted cross, double double is clean with a small hop back

Shane Wiskus (SR) Looks like he didn't have his dowel around the rings and slipped off (not a grip failure). I think he didn't repeat his skills so I'm expecting a lowered D.

Landen Blixt (VT) HOW did he get that vault around? Looks like his hand slipped.

Fred Richard (VT) Clean Kas 1.5. He will jump up the standings.

Rotation 3


After 2:

  1. Yul Moldauer - 28.65

  2. Asher Hong - 28.50

  3. Brody Malone - 28.100

  4. Shane Wiskus - 28.050

  5. Khoi Young - 28.000

Jeremy Bischoff (VT) Beautiful STUCK Kas full!

Sam Phillips (HB)STUCK dismount!

Stephen Nedoroscik (PH) - very clean. Downgraded routine (6.4) and by downgraded, I mean still extremely difficulty. BUT I think it's a routine he can be more consistent on.

Asher Hong (VT) reallly short on the RSG. His knee looked really close to touching. 14.0 That might have been given a fall because he had an 8.00 execution.

Brody Malone (PH) Much better height on the Mikulak, just some slight leg separation on the Wu, Had to push a little bit through the end of the routine. But solid.

Yul Moldauer (HB) Brings the Triple double dismount!!! WOW! He had a rough warm up and then came and nailed it in the competition.

Khoi Young (VT) Handspring Randi. Very clean in the air and right down the middle for the landing. Looks like he lost his headband. His ankle looks like it's really bothering him though. 14.800

Rotation 2

Stephen Nedoroscik is first up on horse. Khoi Young is first up on vault, and Yul Moldauer is first on High bar.


After 1:

  1. Yul Moldauer - 15.400

  2. Dallas Hale - 14.700

  3. Asher Hong - 14.500

  4. Shane Wiskus - 14.450

  5. Erich Upton - 14.100

  6. Cameron Bock - 14.100

Asher Hong (SR) inverted cross, planche, lowers to maltese, yami to joh to maltese (came in just a little high0, iron cross, BIGGG arch on the handstand, double double straight with a small hop.

Paul Juda (PH) - Clean routine - feels like the score seems a little low.

Brody Malone (FX) WOWOWOW! What a statement. STUCK opening front double pike. Stuck triple full dismount. 13.800 - a good score for a first floor routine in competition in over a year.

 Fred Richard (PH) He struggled with rhythm. Im not sure he's going to get full credit.

Khoi Young (SR) - very scary dismount. Almost looked like his foot got caught in the rings. Amazing that he put his dismount to his feet.

 Yul Moldauer (PB)nlooking quite clean on parallel bars, bent legs on the Fokin, with a stick per usual on his dismount. HUGE 15.400

Shane Wiskus (FX) With a big opening statement on floor. 14.450

7:01 pm - the athletes are warming up now! Brody looking a little tentative on floor.

Rotation 1:

The EVO athletes are starting in Olympic order alongside Josh Karnes. This will be the first time we will have seen Brody Malone compete floor in over a year. The Michigan crew is starting on pommel horse - a place they are very familiar with. Paul Juda struggled both days of the NCAA championships on pommel horse, so his performance here is key. The Stanford athletes will start on rings. Though both Khoi Young and Asher Hong will be fighting for the all-around title, Asher should be very high in the standings after rotation 1 and Khoi will be quite low as it is his weakest event. A mixed trio of athletes will begin on vault, parallel bars, and high bar. The highlight of those groups will be Yul Moldauer's parallel bar routine. Should he hit, he will likely be leading the first rotation.



How To Follow

Live Results: Men 


Watch Links: Thursday, May 30 – 7:00-9:30 p.m CT. – Senior Men Day 1 – Peacock (in the U.S.); USA Gymnastics YouTube (outside the U.S.) 

Who's Competing?

34 Male Senior Athletes will be competing at the National Chamionships including 10 prior national champions listed below.

  • Donnell Whittenburg, 6 gold (SR-22, 23; VT-17(T), SR-16, SR-15, VT-14)

  • Brody Malone, 5 gold (AA – 22, 21; FX – 22; HB – 22; VT – 21)

  • Yul Moldauer, 4 gold (PB-21, 23; AA-17, FX-17(T))

  • Stephen Nedoroscik, 3 gold (PH-23, 22, 21)

  • Alex Diab, 2 gold (SR-21, 19)

  • Asher Hong, 2 gold (AA-23; VT-22)

  • Paul Juda, 1 gold (FX-23_

  • Curran Phillips, 1 gold (PB-22)

  • Fred Richard, 1 gold (HB-23)

  • Shane Wiskus, 1 gold (VT-19)

Article by: Kensley Behel


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