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Dolci, Cournoyer selected for Canadian Olympic Team

June 9, 2024

Félix Dolci won the two day of competitoins at the Canadian National Championships ahead of 2020 Olympian, René Cournoyer. According to Gymnastics Canada, by placing 1st and 2nd in the all around, Dolci and Cournoyer have qualified to be nominated to Canadian Olympic Committee for the 2024 Paris Olympics. In an interview with Neutral Deductions, Dolci and Cournoyer spoke about their all-around battle; Dolci, in particular, mentioned knowing that he and Cournoyer were comepting in the final rotation at the same time and when he heard the crowed erupt for René's performance on vault, he knew that he had to hit his parallel bar routine.

William Émard put together a masterful performace to finish third in the all-around despite an injury to his bicep twelve weeks ago. Like Émard, Sam Zakutney, who finished in fourth, was also recovering from an upper extremity injury. Zakutney previously sustained an injury to his shoulder in May 2023. In a recent episode of The Rise Podcast, Zakutney mentioned his journey to recovery and the redemption of competing in Colombia nearly a year after his injury.

Both Émard and Zakutney are well-poised to make this year's Olympic Team. The fifth spot for the team, however, is much less clear. According to two sources, the selection committee are only considering results from the Canadian National Championships, and thus, with less than ideal performances on the pommel horse, Jayson Rampersad, is unlikely to take that fifth spot.

The Canadian team is weak on pommel horse and having someone who can contribute heavily on that event would be in their favor which may bode well for Zachary Clay. While Clay struggled on day one, he was much better day two and that, combined with placing seventh in the all-around may secure his spot. Others in the running for the final spot likely include Ioannis Chronopoulos and Evgeny Siminiuc. Both Chronopoulos and Siminiuc are strong all-arounders that could contribute well to the team or serve well as alternates. While they have the ability to score similarly in the all around, Chronopoulos is more of a power gymnast that excels on vault and floor, and Siminiuc could help the team more on parallel bar and high bar.

Regardless of team selection, the Canadian goal is clear: to make the Olympic Team Final for the first time in sixteen years.

Olympic Selection Procedures

According to the selection procedures, the team will be finalized internally by June 12, 2024. The team will be publically announced soon thereafter.



Article by: Kensley Behel

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