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What's Happening in Men's Gymnastics (September 12)

A. Szombathely World Cup

The second-to-last World Cup before the World Championships took place in Hungary this past weekend. Lauren Hopkins at the Gymternet did overtime in live-blogging multiple events this weekend. Her day 1 live blog can be found here; day 2 can be found here.

Event Winners:

FX - Krisztofer Meszaros (HUN) - 14.666

PH - Matvei Petrov (ABL) - 14.733

SR - Vinzenz Höck (AUT) - 14.300

VT - Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR) - 14.666

PB - Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) - 14.966

HB - Ilias Georgiou (CYP) - 14.433

Note: Olympic Champion, Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE), qualified in first with a 15.300 but did not compete in the finals. No reason has been given for his withdrawal. Eddie Penev (BUL) had qualified in fourth for the vault final; however, during the final, his coach placed the wrong vault and he was not able to compete his intended vault. He luckily walked away without an injury.

B. Colt Walker Interview

Kensley sat down with National Team member, Colt Walker to learn about the injury that almost ended his career and how he overcame to regain his place as one of the top gymnasts in the United States. Click the link below to read the full article!

C. World Championships Update

Germany named their team for the World Gymnastics Championships including: Andy Toba, Nils Dunkel, Pascal Brendel, Lukas Dauser, and Lucas Kochan.

Switzerland replaced Benjamin Gischard with Florian Langenegger.

A full list of qualifiers can be found here.

D. Database of Top Team Scores Throughout 2023

Kensley compiled a list of the International Team scores in 2023. While not a perfect measure, this list can provide some insight into what to expect at the World Championships in Antwerp. The top scores are:

1. China - 262.594

2. Japan - 260.562

3. USA - 258.8

4. Italy - 249.526

5. Spain - 248.85

6. Türkiye - 248.262

7. South Korea - 247.827

8. Switzerland - 247.5

Note: Great Britain has not sent a full-strength team to any competition this year and their scores are not representative of what they are capable of at the World Championships.

The full database can be found here.

E. Italian Gymnastics Championships

The 2023 Italian Gymnastics Championships took place in Padua, Italy from September 6 - September 10, 2023.

Lauren at the Gymternet live-blogged the entire competition. Full live blog can be found here.

All around results were:

"1. Mario Macchiati 164.350 2. Yumin Abbadini 164.100 3. Lorenzo Casali 163.350 4. Lorenzo Bonicelli 162.650 5. Matteo Levantesi 162.250 6. Edoardo de Rosa 161.600 7. Lorenzo Galli 159.500

And the unofficial winner is Manrique Larduet [Cuba] with a 166.950! Amazing day for him today, upping his AA score to a massive 84.050!" ~Lauren Hopkins

Article by: Kensley Behel


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