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What's Happening in Men's Gymnastics (August 29)

A. 2023 Xfinity U.S. Gymnastics National Championships

The 2023 Xfinity National Gymnastics Championships took place in San Jose, California this past weekend. The competition served as the qualifications for the National, World, and Pan American Games teams. A full recap can be found in the YouTube video below!

National Team

  • Asher Hong

  • Fred Richard

  • Khoi Young

  • Colt Walker

  • Yul Moldauer

  • Paul Juda

  • Donnell Whittenburg

  • Curran Phillips

  • Taylor Burkhart

  • Dallas Hale

  • Jeremy Bischoff

  • Cameron Bock

  • Brandon Briones

  • Alex Diab

  • Riley Loos

  • Brody Malone

  • Stephen Nedoroscik

  • Vahe Petrosyan

  • Shane Wiskus

World Championships Team

  • Asher Hong

  • Khoi Young

  • Yul Moldauer

  • Fred Richard

  • Paul Juda

  • Colt Walker (alternate)

Pan American Games Team

  • Shane Wiskus

  • Donnell Whittenburg

  • Cameron Bock

  • Stephen Nedoroscik

  • Colt Walker

  • Vahe Petrosyan (individual qualifier)

  • Curran Phillips (non-traveling alternate)

  • Riley Loos (non-traveling alternate

B. Germany Names Partial Worlds Team

Germany held their first World Team Selection meet. Following the meet, European bronze medalist, Nils Dunkel and European silver medalist, Andy Toba were named to the team.

National Champion, Pascal Brendal had to withdrawn from the competition due to injury and Olympic silver medalist, Lukas Dauser, is still struggling with injuries and made some mistakes on his standout event, parallel bars.

Full results from the competition can be found here.

C. Giarnni Regini-Moran Updates

This past week was certainly memorable for World Champion, Regini-Moran. During their gender reveal party, Giarnni and his girlfriend, Mimi Grech found out that they were going to have a baby girl. Following the gender reveal, Giarnni popped the question and Mimi said yes!

D. Turkish 2023 National Gymnastics Championships

Türkiye held their National Championships this past weekend in Istanbul. Based on the results from Instagram, it looks like many of the top athletes including Adem Asil and Ferhat Arican did not compete.


🥇Kerem Şener (İzmir)

🥈 Emre Dodanlı (Bolu)

🥉 Ahmet Önder (Izmir)


🥇 Emre Dodanlı (Bolu)

🥈 Hakan Ömer Eren (Finished)

🥉 Mert Efe Kılıçer (Bolu)

🥉 Kerem Şener (İzmir)

Pommel Horse

🥇 Hasan Bulut (Ball)

🥈 Mert Efe Kılıçer (Done)

🥉 Kerem Şener (Izmir)

Still Rings

🥇 Mehmet Ayberk Koşak (Izmir)

🥈 Yunus Emre Gundoğdu (Izmir)

🥉 Hamza Shamil Yılmaz (Izmir)


🥇 Liu Carlo Mandela Tuaklı (İzmir)

🥈 İevket Yıldız (Izmir)

🥉 Bora Tarhan (Bolu)

Parallel Bars

🥇 Emre Dodanlı (Bolu)

🥈 Mehmet Ayberk Koşak (İzmir)

🥉 Kerem Şener (İzmir)

High Bar

🥇 Emre Dodanlı (Bolu)

🥈 Mert Efe Kılıçer (Bolu)

🥉 Sercan Demir (Bolu)

E. Notable Gymnastics Skills of the Week

Jake Jarman dropped another mind-blowing tumbling pass this week. This 3.5-twisting double straight is not named in the code of points. Should Jarman submit this skill for evaluation and successfully perform it in Antwerp, it will be called the Jarman.

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Article by: Kensley Behel


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