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Pan American Games Live Blog - Event Finals Day 1

This is the live blog for the Day 1 Event Finals (Floor, Pommel Horse, and Still Rings) at the 2023 Pan American Games. Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates. The Live Stream and Live Scoring are at the bottom of the page!

Final Results:

  1. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 14.200

  2. Daniel Villafane. (ARG) - 14.133

  3. Felix Dolci (CAN) - 13.800

Donnell Whittenburg (USA) kip to maltese (legs a little low) presses to planche, azrian iron cross, small bobble in the handstand, joh to yami to maltese (again feet a bit low), back uprise to planche, bobble in the handstand, small hop on the double double. Should be a medal for sure.

Félix Dolci (CAN) strong opening sequence in the maltese to iron cross, his planche is excellent, small adjustments in the handstand, the second one is excellent, joh to yami to straddle sit, STUCK double double! 13.800

René Cournoyer (CAN) up to the planche which is good but lowers to a maltese where the legs were low, the second maltese is much better, small bend in the handstand, front giant to handstand, joh to yami to L sit, struggling with the last handstand and a big step on the double double. 13.633

Fabian de Luna (MEX) kip to maltese, bounce cross, kip to planche (a bit high), some slight leg separation up to the handstand, yami to maltese, pull to iron cross, kip to planche, big big bend on the handstand into the 1.5 twisting double tuck dismount. 13.266

Alejandro de la Cruz (CUB) azarian maltese, bounce cross, kip to planche, lots of wobbles on the handstand, yami to joh to maltese ( he comes in a bit high then lowers), honma cross is good, big big bend in the handstand, really deep on the double double with several large steps backwards. 13.333

Daniel Villafañe (ARG) azarian maltese is good, inverted cross is high, planche is good, joh to yami to iron cross, another maltese that might have been short, bounce cross is well held, big arch in the handstand, full twisting double layout with a shuffle on the landing. Very piked but good chest position on the landing. 14.133

Kristopher Bohorquez (COL) kip to planche, azarian maltese (feet a bit low), kip to maltese (again feet a bit low), yami to joh to honma cross, Azarian iron cross, some wobbles on the handstands, full-in tuck. 13.666 (the tie is broken and Colt is still in the lead)

Colt Walker (USA) azarian iron cross (good position) kip to planche and push to handstand, yami to joh to planche, handstands following are good, just a hop on the double double. That's a very strong routine to start. 13.666 Seems a bit low IMO.

5:15 pm (MT) Athletes are marching in!

Qualifying Rank:

1. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 14.433

2. Daniel Villafañe (ARG) - 14.2

3. Félix Dolci (CAN)/René Cournoyer (CAN) - 13.8

5. Kristopher Bohorquez (COL) - 13.666

6. Colt Walker (USA) - 13.633

7. Alejandro de la Cruz (CUB) - 13.6

8. Fabian de Luna (MEX) - 13.433

Still Rings (6:50pm ET/3:50pm PT)


Final Results:

  1. Zachary Clay (CAN) - 14.400

  2. Jayson Rampersad (CAN) - 14.333

  3. Nelson Guilbe (PUR) - 14.133

Jayson Rampersad (CAN) C scissor to open into the Sohn, extends well on the Stockli and the D flop, Wu is lovely, Roth is a little slow and has to pike out. He's quite skewed on the Magyar Sivado but flies up well for the dismount!

Zachary Clay (CAN) Li Ning to open, good through the Stockli and the D flop and the spindle, a little piked on the Roth and Tong Fei, cleanly through the Magyar Sivado to Dismount. 14.400

Edward Gonzales (PER) really low on the C scissor and wan't quite in handstand on the Li Ning, good through the D flop and the Wu into the triple russian, breaks from on the Roth, and a little rushed through the dismount. Lots of difficulty and promise! 12.900

Nelson Guilbe (PUR) C Scissor to open , spindle, some very interesting travels into the Tong Fei into the triple russian dismount. 14.133 - into first!

Santiago Mayol (ARG) C scissor, Li Ning (scissor to handstand), legs come apart on the Sohn, oh wow big big fight on the travels, big push into the dismount.

Stephen Nedoroscik (USA) Mikulak to open, FOUGHT SO HARD Through the Busnari I do not know how he saved that holy freaking cow. He picked up his rhythm nicely and is through the Wu to Magyar Sivado travel. Does not do his intended dismount. 13.766 (so more difficulty than quals)

Luca Alfieri (ARG) C Scissor to open, 1/2 Magyar into the Tong Fei, Roth, Magyar, Sivado, and also flies up well! He is VERY excited! 13.533

Cameron Bock (USA) C scissor to open, 1/2 Magyar into the Stocklis D Flop, Magyar Sivado and flies very well into the handstand. That was a good routine for him! 13.933 (5.4/8.533)

3:23 (MT) Athletes are marching in now!

Qualifying Rank:

  1. Jayson Rampersad (CAN) -14.266

  2. Zachary Clay (CAN) - 13.966

  3. Santiago Mayol (ARG) - 3.866

  4. Nelson Guilbe (PUR) - 13.866

  5. Cameron Bock (USA) - 13.766

  6. Stephen Nedoroscik (USA) - 13.633

  7. Luca Alfieri (ARG) - 13.400

  8. Edward Gonzales (PER) - 13.233

Pommel Horse (5pm ET/2pm PT)


Final Results:

  1. Felix Dolci (CAN) - 14.233

  2. Arthur Mariano (BRA) - 13.933

  3. Juan Larrahondo (COL) - 13.366

Rene Cournoyer (CAN) big double double to open, front lay to front double tuck, 1/2 in 1/2 out with a small hop, slides out of his fifth pass and puts his hand down on the final pass.

Yuri Guimaraes (BRA) opens with a big step forward and again on his second pass. Quite a simple layout half for his side pass, holds the Manna well. But has to stop his flairs which will count for a full fall. Kicks out nicely in the double full and ends with a back 2.5. 11.966 (4.5/6.666/-0.1)

Santiago Mayol (ARG) Big hop on the opening RAndi, STUCK front double pike, front lay to double front with a step forward, back 2.5 that he meant to do a front layout out of but he didn't get the punch he needed. small hop on the side pass, triple twist to end. 13.100

Arthur Nory (BRA) front handspring to front double pike (STUCK), beautiful second pass, just the smallest of hops on the back 2.5 to front lay! good on the handstand, back 1.5 to front full, double arabian with a small hop. full-twisting double tuck to end! That was a beautiful routine! 13.933 (5.6/8.333)

Donnell Whittenburg (USA) Sits the opening tumble as he didn't have enough power from the twisting to maintain the double front. Tons of difficulty coming in with a double double lay for a second pass and that beautiful maltese press, just a small hop on the back 2.5 to fron lay, chest is a bit low on the double double tuck, just a small hop on the 1/2 in 1/2 out. 12.700 (6.2/6.7/-0.2)

Felix Dolci (CAN) front full to STUCK front double pike, small hop back on the double double, front lay to STUCK front double full, very strong on the wide arm handstand to pike press, small hop back on the punch double front, back 2.5 to stuck punch barani, STUCK triple twist. That will be a hard routine to beat! 14.233 (5.9/8.333)

Rodrigo Gomes (MEX) lots of power on the Randi and bounds OOB, controls the landing much better on the second pass, split leg double lay! SUCH a cool skill! Back 2.5 to punch lay with a hop, triple twist to end! 13.066 (5.6/7.766/-0.300)

Juan Larrahondo (COL) Gets us started on floor. He opens with a front full to double front with a big cross step, double double with a hop to the side, front double full to front full stuck! STUCK side double full, really lovely pose after the handstand and a BIG dive roll. Love the flair. back 2.5 to front lay, Triple full with a big lunge forward to end. 13.366 (5.5/7.866)

2:02 pm (MT) The athletes are marching in!

Qualifying Rank:

  1. Félix Dolci (CAN) - 14.266

  2. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) - 14.233

  3. Yuri Guimarães (BRA) - 14.100

  4. Arthur Mariano (BRA) - 14.066

  5. Santiago Mayol (ARG) - 14.000

  6. Rodrigo Gomez (MEX) - 13.900

  7. Juan Larrahondo (COL) - 13.800

  8. René Cournoyer (CAN) - 13.733

Reserves: Letelier, Walker, Perez

Floor Final (4pm ET/1pm PT)



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Article by: Kensley Behel


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