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Pan American Games Gymnastics Day 2 Event Finals

This is the live blog for the Day 2 Event Finals (Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar) at the 2023 Pan American Games. Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates. The Live Stream and Live Scoring are at the bottom of the page!

Qualifying Rank:

1. Bernardo Miranda (BRA) - 14.166

2. Arthur Mariano (BRA) - 14.100

4. Cameron Bock (USA) - 13.800

5. Colt Walker (USA) - 13.666

7. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) - 13.566

8. René Cournoyer (CAN) - 13.500

11. Luca Alfieri (ARG) - 13.300 – William Emard (CAN) - 13.300

High Bar (6:50pm ET/3:50pm PT)


Final Standings:

  1. Curran Phillips (USA) - 15.400

  2. Colt Walker (USA) - 14.366

  3. Isaac Nuñez (MEX) - 13.833

William Emard (CAN) Whippet to open, Healy, Diam, giant, Suarez, front straddle, A little short on the Stutz and a big hop back on the double front dismount.

Diorges Escobar (CUB) good through the first couple of elements, he was verrryyy low on the Tippelt, stumbles back on the double front. 12.733

Colt Walker (USA) Whippet to open, Makuts, giant, Moy, 1/2, Big Bhavsar, 1/2, Tippelt, Healy, Stutz, just the dismount now, STUCK double front. That is surely going to be the silver medal! 14.366

Curran Phillips (USA) Makes the Diam 1/2, Stutz, Diam, a little slow on the Makuts, Healy, and again with a 1/2, Big front 1 1/4, Diam, near stuck double front. No one will beat that score. He's your champion. 15.400

Bernardo Miranda (BRA) I missed most of the routine but the dismount was excellent! 13.566

Diogo Soares (BRA) Whippet to open immediately into a 1/2 pirouette, peach, giant diam, He falls on the Makuts, much better on the second one, Healy, Stutz 3/4, double pike dismount. 12.566

Zachary Clay (CAN) - peach, giant, Whippett (some walking), Healy, Diam, Diam 1/4 and kip up to handstand, Stutz, front straddle, beautiful kick out of the double pike with a small hop. 13.566

Isaac Nuñez (MEX) - He's the reigning parallel bar champion. beautiful line to be honest, good handstand on the peach and the Diam, Harada, front straddle, angle is a little off on the Bhavsar, good turnover on the Tippelt, oh wowowo lots of walking on the Stutz. Good landing position on the double pike dismount. 13.833

Qualifying Rank:

1. Curran Phillips (USA) - 14.466

2. Colt Walker (USA) - 14.366

3. Diorges Escobar (CUB) - 14.166

4. Bernardo Miranda (BRA) - 14.133

5. Diogo Soares (BRA)- 14.100

6. Isaac Nuñez (MEX) - 14.033

7. William Emard (CAN) - 13.866

8. Zachary Clay (CAN) - 13.833

Parallel Bars (5pm ET/2pm PT)


Final Results:

  1. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) - 14.466

  2. Arthur Mariano (BRA) - 14.466

  3. Felix Dolci (CAN) - 14.383

Josue Armijo (CHI)

VT 1: Slips and falls on the Shewfelt - 13.133

VT 2: Kas full.

Alejandro de la Cruz (CUB) - 12.933

VT 1: Kas 1.5 with a hand down. He's actually holding his hand now

looking like he may have injured it. 12.900

VT 2: Hands down on the Roche - 12.966

Daniel Villafañe (ARG) - 13.866

VT 1: Kas 1.5 that is a bit messy in the air and has several landing

errors. 13.866

VT 2: Deep landing on the handspring double front but the direction

is excellent! 13.866

Juan Larrahondo (COL) - 13.816

VT 1: Also does a Dragulescu but it's not as clean as Nin Reyes'. 14.300

VT 2: Takes several steps to the side on the Kas 1.5 13.333

Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) - 14.466

VT 1: A very solid Kas 1.5 14.366

VT 2: A VERY big Dragulescu. The most difficult vault we've seen so far

He does go OOB but it should be a big score. 14.566

Yuri Guimarães (BRA) - 14.133

VT 1: The best Kas 1.5 of the three in my opinion. 14.533

VT 2: Wow he worked so hard to keep his legs together but he

opened up to early and he had to take several steps back. 13.733

Arthur Nory Mariano (BRA) - 14.466

VT 1: Shewfelt (Yurchenko 2.5) Big step forward. 14.500

VT 2: Kas 1.5. Is a tiny bit underrotated. 14.466

Felix Dolci (CAN): 14.383 Average

VT 1: Kas 1.5 Lots of power. Pretty clean in the air. Some small

leg crossing in the air. 14.5

VT 2: Handspring double front with a big hop forward. 14.266

2:03 pm (MT) the athletes have marched in and are warming up!

Qualifying Rank:

1. Yuri Guimarães (BRA) - 14.400

2. Félix Dolci (CAN) - 14.216

3. Arthur Mariano (BRA) - 14.183

4. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) - 14.133

5. Daniel Villafañe (ARG) - 13.999

6. Josue Armijo (CHI) - 13.983

7. Alejandro de la Cruz (CUB) - 13.816

8. Juan Larrahondo (COL) - 13.500

Vault Final (4pm ET/1pm PT)



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Article by: Kensley Behel


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