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Lukas Dauser To Miss German National Gymnastics Championships

German gymnastics star, Lukas Dauser, announced yesterday on Instagram that he withdrew from the 2023 German National Gymnastics Championships.

Dauser continues to suffer from a partial rupture and a muscle bundle tear of the Teres Major muscle in his left shoulder that he sustained in December 2022 in the Bundesliga final. This same injury was the reason he also withdrew from the 2023 European Championships earlier this year.

Dauser is the reigning Olympic and World silver medalist on the parallel bars and a key member for Germany. Germany barely qualified a team to the Olympics in the last Olympic cycle, and is borderline to qualify for Paris. Dauser's team member, Andy Toba reiterated that sentiment in his comments to Dauser stating, "Germany needs you."

Dauser wrote that he understands the significance of Olympic Qualifying this year. Should he not be healthy enough to compete this fall, and should Germany fail to qualify a team, he would need to qualify for the Olympics via the World Cup route next Spring.

More information about the 2023 German Gymnastics Championships can be found here.

Article by: Kensley Behel


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