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2023 World Gymnastics Championships: MAG Scores Data

Using scores from different national and international competitions this year, we've compiled potential team scores for teams competing at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships. See how your favorite teams stack up!

Photo: Emily Chan

The race for each of the podium places should be very interesting, and you may be shocked at who is in second place! The 2023 World Gymnastics Championships will also serve as the final team qualifications for the Paris Olympic Games. There are 21 teams competing for only nine spots.

This post will be updated as more teams are finalized; several teams have named six athletes but have not designated an alternate. The parentheses indicate where scores were drawn from.

1. China - 264.581 ((Chinese Nationals/Universiade/Asian Champs/World Trials Day 2)*

*According to this post, You Hao scored a 15.4 on day 1 of Chinese World Trials. That score is not publicly available, so was not included in our data. However, that change would put China at 264.681.

2. Japan - 263.162 ( NHK/All Japan/ Universiade/ Asian Champs)

3. USA - 262.05 (Classic w/o bonus/ Nationals w/o bonus, DTB, Universiade)

4. Great Britain - 257.432 (British World Trials/ Euros/ Paris World Cup)

5. Ukraine - 256.33 (Szombethely, Euros, Domestic)

6. Italy - 254.116 (Nationals and Euros)

7. Spain - 252.733 (Euros, Lenzburg Friendly, Spanish Nationals)

8. Switzerland - 252.216 (Lenzburg Friendly, Nationals, Euros)

9. Türkiye - 252.18 (Euros, Turkish Nationals, Doha)

10. Kazakhstan - 249.964 (Asian Championships, Doha World Cup, Universiade)

The top six teams listed here: China, Japan, USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, and Italy should make the team final. The last two spots for the team final are going to be incredibly competitive and dependent on the day. The same is true of those fighting for the last team spots for the Olympic Games.

Article by: Kensley Behel

NOTE: Previous versions of this article listed Japan as #1; USA as #2; and China as number 3. More information came to light and the data was updated September 21, 2023.


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Sep 27, 2023

Think Hashimoto had 15+ HB at Universiade


Sep 22, 2023

Are these highest scores across the given meets, or averages?

Kensley Behel
Kensley Behel
Sep 22, 2023
Replying to

Highest scores!

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