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How to Follow Gymnastics at the 2023 Pan American Games

The Basics

When: October 20 - November 5, 2023

Where: Santiago, Chile

MAG Gymnastics Schedule






Saturday, 10/21

Team Final/AA & EF Quals #1

1:00 pm

10:00 am

7:00 pm

Saturday, 10/21

Team Final/ AA & EF Quals #2 (featuring Team USA)

5:30 pm

2:30 pm

11:30 pm

Monday, 10/23

All-Around Final (Olympic Qualifying Event)

12:00 pm

9:00 am

6:00 pm

Tuesday, 10/24

FX, PH, SR Event Finals

4:00 pm

1:00 pm

10:00 pm

Wednesday, 10/25

VT, PB, HB Event Finals

4:00 pm

1:00 pm

10:00 pm

How To Watch:

There are several options for watching the Pan American Games!


No live-scoring link has been provided, but we will update it here if one becomes available.

What's At Stake?

The Pan American Games will serve as a qualifying event for the Paris Olympic Games. The top all-arounder in the men's competition will punch his ticket to the Paris Olympic Games. Unlike other continents (i.e. Europe, Africa, Asia, etc.), whose competitions will take place in 2024, athletes vying for a spot in Paris will have to qualify mere weeks after the World Championships.

Who isn't eligible?

No athlete from The USA or Canada is eligible to earn a nominative spot as they qualified team quotas at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships in Belgium. Brazil's Diogo Soares also earned a nominative spot at the World Championships, meaning he is also not eligible to earn another spot at the Pan American Games.

Who is eligible?

Any athlete who makes the all-around final will be eligible. Unlike at the World Championships where athletes earned their spot during qualifications, athletes at the 2023 Pan American Games will have to wait til finals to earn their spot. The top ranking all-around athlete after Monday's all-around final who isn't from the U.S. or Canada and isn't Diogo Soares will be headed to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Some of the top candidates include:

  • Yuri Guimaraes (BRA) - 81.566 Pan American Championships AA

  • Patrick Sampaio (BRA) - 79.931 World Championships QF

  • Diorges Escobar (CUB) - 79.100 Central American & Caribbean Games AA




Cameron Bock, Stephen Nedoroscik, Curran Phillips, Colt Walker, Donnell Whittenburg.


Santiago Agostinelli, Luca Alfieri, Julian Jato, Santiago Mayol, Daniel Villafane


Yuri Guimaraes, Arthur Mariano, Bernardo Miranda, Patrick Sampaio, Diogo Soares


Rene Cournoyer, Zachary Clay, Felix Dolci, Will Emard, and Jayson Rampersad,


Joel Alvarez, Josue Armijo, Luciano Letelier, Cristobal Prado, Ignacio Varas


Kristopher Bohorquez, Dilan Jimenez, Juan Larrahondo, Andres martinez, Sergio Vargas


Alejandro de la Cruz, Jose Escandon, Diorges Escobar, Pablo Pozo, Yohendry Villaverde


Fabian de Luna, Rodrigo Gomez, Josue Juarez, Isaac Nunez, Alonso Perez.





Vahe Petrosyan


Oliver Sons

Costa Rica

Andres Valverde

Dominican Republic

Audrys Nin Reyes, Leandro Pena


Cesar Lopez, Johnny Valencia

El Salvador

Pablo Velasquez


Jorge Vega


Caleb Faulk


Richard Atencio


Edward Alarcon, Edward Gonzales

Puerto Rico

Nelson Guilbe, Jose Lopez, Andres Perez

Trinidad & Tobago

Jameel Ali


Edward Rolin, Adickxon Trejo

* Vahe Petrosyan will also be competing as an individual for Team USA as he won the 2021 Junior Pan American Games. No other team has a team + an individual competing.

What are the Pan American Games

The Pan-American Games is a multi-sport event similar to the Olympic Games. The 2023 Pan-American Games will take place in Santiago, Chile where athletes from 41 nationals will compete across 56 sports. Athletes from 20 countries/territories will take place in men's artistic gymnastics. Unlike the Pan-American Championships which take place every two years, the Pan-American Games take place every four years in the year before the Olympic Games.

Artistic Gymnastics has been a part of the Games since its inception in 1951. Only five teams have ever won the team title (Argentina, USA, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Brazil). The AA title has only been won by athletes from six countries (USA, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, and Brazil). Full Pan Am Games results can be found here.

Article by: Kensley Behel


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