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Day 2 Qualifications Live Blog - World Gymnastics Championships

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Please refresh every few minutes for the most recent updates which will appear at the top of the page. This is the live blog for the Day 2 of Qualifications at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships. The Live Stream and Schedule can be found here.



Missed All the Action? Kensley Behel recapped everything you need to know!


Following day 1, the Team Standings are:

  1. Japan

  2. USA

  3. Great Britain

  4. German

  5. China

  6. Spain

  7. Turkey

  8. Netherlands

  9. Ukraine

  10. Brazil

  11. Belgium

  12. Israel

The U.S.A. has mathematically locked in their spot for the Paris Olympic Games. The rest will wait today with bated breath.

Missed what happened in day 1? Watch our recap on YouTube.

France got a much needed hit from Kevin Carvalho, though it's not the score they needed. But Jim Zona fell, and again. This will almost certainly take them out of Olympic contention.

Rotation 6 (Final rotation of the entire qualifying competition)

China will almost certainly qualify to team final at this rate and then show everyone why medals are not won in qualifying.

With one rotation to go, Italy is in 4th and France is in 12th.

Benjamin Osberger (FRA - FX) opens with a Randi, BIG double double with a hop back, back 2.5 to front lay to front full. Good flairs to splitStuck double full side pass. front double full to front tuck full, triple full a little underrated and takes a step forward. Not the most difficult routine in the competition but it's beautifully executed.

Lee Junho (KOR) opens with a Zou Li Min, tak 1/1 was a little late and again on the tak 1/2, Cassina, quast, double double with a hop.

Leo Saladino (FRA - FX) Was hopping ALL over the place. No falls but should have a pretty low E score. - 13.300 Yup, a 7.700 for E score.

Jim Zona (FRA - FX) I could barely pay attention to his routine because his bib was coming off the whole time.

Good Lord. After Desanges went on floor, the announcer told the entire arena that Desanges likes to cook and that he might be the right man for the ladies.

Luca Desanges (FRA) opens with a nice double front pike and sticks the double front tuck. HUGE double double with a small hop back. A bit short on the final pass and has to take a step forward. - 14.00

Rotation 5

After 4:

Italy - 7th

Korea - 13th

France - 14th

Hungary - 20th

France with a mixed bag on high bar. Some hits some big falls.

Lee Chih-Kai (TPE - PH) Starting very well. His flairs are much better than many others. And he's coming off a win at the Asian Games. 14.800 puts him in fifth and should definitely make the final.

Rotation 4

After the 3rd rotation

Hungary - 21th

Italy - 18

Korea -13

France 9

Yuim Abbadini (ITA) went on still rings but his grip broke. he ended up needed to go again at the end of the rotation. An inquiry was submitted on his score and it was accepted.

Ok, the internet went out again but we are back. Korea had a bit of a mess on vault. They really needed to hit big here. It wasn't a disaster but they had a bit of a hole to climb out of already. Kim Jaeho successfully performed two vaults. He will not make vault finals

3rd Rotation

Following the 2nd rotation, Hungary is in 22nd, Italy in 16th, Korea in 19th and France in 12th.

The individual athletes over on high bar are having quite a rough go. Everytime I look up there's a different athlete that has fallen.

Botond Molnar (HUN) front full to double front. bounces way OOB on the front handspring Randi, small hop on the front double full, holds the handstand well, sticks the side double full, back 2.5 to front layout with a small hop. ends with a large step OOB on the triple full dismount.

Nicola Bartolini (ITA) opens with a C scissor. He should have a lot less pressure on this routine as his teammates before him hit. Beautiful Busnari, Honestly one of the best dismounts we've seen!

Yumin Abbadini (ITA) The flair master. Opens with a Mikulak and goes directly into flair side travels to flaired spindle. He does have some pike in his hips but uses the flairst to try and camouflage. Just the smallest of pauses into the dismount but should get credit! 13.500

Leo Saladino (FRA) with a Kas double. By far the most difficult vault of the rotation. 14.366

Lucas Desanges (FRA) Manages a clean Kas full in the air with a large step back. - 13.800

Jim Zona (FRA) WOW! He stuck that Yurchenko double cold!

Lee Chih-Kai (TPE) I missed his full routine but he just ended his double double to hands and feet. He is one of the athletes that competed at Asian Games in China and hopped on a plane to Belgium to compete at the World Championships.

Mario Macchiati (ITA) starts the rotation on pommel horse. Goes cleanly!

Rotation 2

Following the first rotation of subdivision 6, Italy is in 12th, Korea is in 20th, France is in 19th, and Hungary

Krisztofer Meszaros - 12.2 on high bar for Hungary

France on SR:

Kevin Carvalho - 12.766

Benjamin Osberger - 12.9

Jim Zona - 13.333

Leo Saladino - 13.300

Lee Junho (KOR) Needs a hit here because one of his teammates fell hear earlier. Truly gorgeous forms. Almost no skew on the Magyar Sivado. So Korea starts without counting three hit routines on pommel horse. 12.666 A bit lower than I was expecting!

Was doing interview in the mixed zone, so I missed part of the first rotation. People on press row are saying that

Subdivision 6 (Italy, South Korea, France, and Hungary)


Canada has passed China! With only four teams left to go, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain have mathematically locked in their spot to the Olympics

Luca Giubellini (SUI) nails the Dragulescu! He was really struggling in podium training and his coaches and teammates are elated! Taha Serhani finishes the rotation off strong with a Kas 1.5!

Rene Cournoyer has been stellar here today and floor is no different. openes with a stuck double double. Dismount was a little squatty.

A little short on the Shewfelt vault for Langenegger (SUI).

Zachary Clay stuck so many passes until the end. a little bit short on the dismount but he keeps it to his feet.

Yurchenko double full for Seifert (SUI). Not much distance and has to take a hop on the landing.

Rotation 6

Canada is in fifth with one rotation to go. Unbelievable.

Felix Dolci (CAN) right on top of the bar for his Tak releases. Catches Cassina and Kovacs. Nearly sticks the dismount WOW! CANADA IS IN THIS!

So far a couple of clean routines from Canada. They are in this fight.

Switzerland and Canada are really the only two teams in this rotation in contention for an Olympic Spot. Switzerland has an easier route through rings and vault. But if Canada stuns on high bar and floor, they could do it!

Rotation 5

Christian Baumann (SUI) with the Pommel horse routine of his life. Switzerland needed that hit after Giubellini didn't get credit for the dismount.

Ahmed Abdelrahman (EGY) with a powerful handspring double front. Big hop on the landing.

Luca Giubellini (SUI) C scissor, bezugo, Stoeckli, D flop, Tong Fei right into flairs. Oh My God. I do not know how he saved those travels in flair. BIGGG push into the dismount. We will see if he gets credit. 5.0 D score which is well down from the 5.9 he showed earlier this year.

Zachary Clay (CAN) is the lead guy on parallel bars. Very clean routine with a small hop back on the double pike.

Florian Langenegger (SUI) leads off on pommel horse. He opens with some simple scissor cuts. Good on the Tong Fei. Overally he's been fairly clean. Small push into the dismout.

Rotation 4

Andres Martinez Moreno (COL - HB) opens with a nice lay tkatchev to Rybalko, almost goes over the wrong way ont he tak full but saves it. Oh no, does go over the strong way ont he tak 1/2, goes cleanly through the quast and sticks the layout full-in.

Noe Seifert (SUI) on floor got a 14.200. Taha Serhani will close out the swiss delegation on floor and his first pass is a fall. He has stuck the two subsequent passes.

Sofus Heggemsnes (NOR) I missed his routine but he's dancing and giving everyone high fives and looks pretty happy about it!

Will Emard (CAN) stutter stepped his vault and did a timer. He looks distraught. Awarded a 1.8 in D. Huge blow to Canada. Luciily Zachary Clay Came behind him and hit his vault so they will count two good scores.

Luca Guibelinni takes his spot on the floor in his first world championships. Has a very artistic exit out of the Manna press, sticks is double full side pass. Good routine for him.

Felix Dolci starts the Canadian delegation off strong on Vault with a Kas 1.5. Just a small hop. Rene Cournoyer follows that up with a huge handspring double front that he almost sticks!

Florian Langeneggar gets us started on floor with a beautiful stuck mount, sticks the double double as well. Randi with a small hop, goes well through the non acro elements, a little underrotation on the front double full to front full. and just a small hop back on the triple full dismount.

Rotation 3

Switzerland currently sits in 6th place!

Noe Seifert had a stunning routine with a huge piked Kovacs and a triple back dismount! lots of cowbell rings from the crowd!

Florian Langeneggar (SUI) stuck his dismount on high bar

Canada nailed still rings and currently have the 3rd highest total of any team.

Alright, the internet went down for a bit. but here are the updates.

Rotation 2

Noe Seifert ended the rotation for Switzerland with a 14.333.

Christian Baumann of Switzerland on parallel bars was good through the peach and the Whippet. And actually had pretty good momentum from the Makuts into the Healy. Bhavsar could have used a bit more amplitude. Small push into the handstand before the double pike dismount with a step back.

They went 4/4.

Zachary Clay took the highest score of the Canadians with a 13.666.

Will Emard starts of Canada on Pommel horse. He opens with a Mikualk to C scissor. Very efficient, clean routine. A great start for Canada.

10: am Canada is starting on pommel horse and they really need a hit here. They are trying their best to maximize team score. To do so, they brought a pommel horse specialist, and their best all-arounder, Felix Dolci, is giving up an opportunity to qualify to the Olympics via the all-around.

Subdivision 5 (Egypt, Canada, Colombia, Switzerland)


Article by: Kensley Behel

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