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Cairo World Cup Qualifications Results

The Road To Paris - 2024 World Cups

February 16, 2024

Photo: Steve Cooper/GymCastic

Elite gymnasts from around the world are gearing up for the FIG Apparatus World Cup in Cairo, Egypt. This competition carries significant weight as a crucial opportunity for gymnasts to accumulate points, setting the stage for their qualification as Event Specialists for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Only the top two athletes (per event) at the conclusion of the world cup series will secure coveted spots at the Games. The event is scheduled to unfold from February 15th to February 18th at the Cairo International Stadium.

Event Details:

Dates: February 15th to 18th, 2024

Location: Cairo International Stadium, Cairo, Egypt

Competition Schedule:

15 FEB: Qualifications Day 1 (Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings)

16 FEB: Qualifications Day 2 (Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar)

17 FEB: Finals Day 1 (Floor, Pommel Horse, Rings)

18 FEB: Finals Day 2 (Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar)

How to Watch:


Floor Exercise

  1. Ryu Sunghyun (KOR)

  2. Kim Hansol (KOR)

  3. Benjamin Osberger (FRA)

No coutries represented in this final with the exception of Japan have qualified a spot for the Olympics.

Pommel Horse

  1. Hur Woong (KOR)

  2. Nariman Kurbanov (KAZ)

  3. Benjamin Osberger (FRA)

Nariman Kurbanov and Ahmad Abu Al Soud were known favorites going into this series and have both easily qualified for the first final. The third favorite, Lee Chih Kai failed to qualify. Besting them all to the surprise of many was South Korea's Hur Woong who, to date, has nevermade a major international team.

Joe Fraser and Illia Kovtun are members of pre-qualified Olympic teams and are not elligible for additional Olympic births.

Still Rings

  1. Artur Avetisyan (ARM)

  2. Vahagn Davtyan (ARM)

  3. Nikita Simonov (AZE)

With teammates with identical scores at the top and only .367 separating all athletes, this is going to be one of the toughest finals in Cairo. Courtney Tulloch and Salvatore Maresca are members of pre-qualified Olympic teams and are not elligible for additional Olympic spots.


  1. Artur Davtyan (ARM)

  2. Nazar Chepurnyi (UKR)

  3. Shek Wai Hung (HKG)

After a rough 2023 World Championships, Artur Davtyan returns to the top of the vault standings with stunning form. Both he and Nazar Chepurnyi are not elligible for additional Olympic spots.

Parallel Bars

  1. Illia Kovtun (UKR)

  2. Oleg Verniaev  (UKR)

  3. Rasuljon Abdurakhimov (UZB)

After returning from injury, Illia Kovtun was the only athlete to break 15 on parallel bars. Both he and teammate Oleg Verniaev helped Ukraine qualify an Olympic team spot and are not elligible for individual spots.

High Bar

  1. Angel Barajas (COL)

  2. Joe Fraser (GBR)

  3. Robert Tvorogal (LTU)

The youngest athlete of the competition, Angel Barajas sits in first after qualifying; According to th Gymternet, his D score was higher than any difficulty compted last year. Joe Fraser and Tanigawa Kakeru are members of pre-qualified Olympic teams and are not elligible for additional Olympic births.


Following the finals, points will be awarded based on rank order. At the compleyion of the series, the top two elligible athletes with the highest point total will earn nominative spots for Paris. Full rules for how points are assigned for world cup results can be found here.

Article by: Kensley Behel


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