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PODCAST: Olympic Medalist, Sam Oldham, Interviews Kensley Behel about the U.S. Olympic Selection Procedures

Who Will Make the U.S. Olympic Team?

June 19, 2024

Kensley Behel sat down with Olympic medalist, Sam Oldham to disucss the 2024 U.S. Xfinity National Gymnastics Championships and who we think will make the U.S. Olympic Team in Paris. Don't miss this episode!

From Sam Oldham

🎙️ In 2023 at the Artistic gymnastics World championships Team USA took the bronze medal in the men's final. They are now favourites to finish on the podium at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games this summer for the first time since taking bronze at the Beijing games in 2008. Individually their squad is incredible strong and the impressive comeback after multiple knee surgeries in 2023 by Brody Malone to be crowned the US National champion last week surprised the gymnastics community. With the likes of Fred Richard, Khoi Young, Yul Moldauer, Asher Hong, Shane Wiskus, Donnell Whittenburg and Paul Juda all hoping to make the Olympic team. It's going to be a classic American dog fight. Today I'm joined by Kensley Behel the brilliant human being behind the neutral deductions social media channel that follows the world of men's gymnastics. And this is our story 🇺🇸


Article by: Kensley Behel

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