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How to Follow the DTB POKAL and British Gymnastics Championships This Weekend

Catch the elite gymnastics in Britain and Germany

March 15, 2024

How To Watch the DTB Pokal Gymnastics

The DTB Pokal Team Challenge and Mixed Team Cup are set to take place March 15-17 in Stuttgart, Germany. Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, France, Israel, Italy, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, USA, and Uzbekistan will be competing

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Friday, March 15 2024


Junior Subdivision: 10:00 am local time/ 5:00 am ET/2:00 am PT

Athlete information can be found here:

Senior Subdivision 1: 3:15 pm local time/ 10:15am ET/7:15 am PT


  • Jack Hall

  • James Hardy

  • Jesse Moore

  • Heath Thorpe


  • Glen Cuyle

  • Nicola Cuyle

  • Maxime Gentges

  • Noah Kuavita

  • Victor Martinez

  • Luka van den Keybus


  • Clay Zachary

  • Rene Cournoyer

  • Felix Dolci

  • Jayson Rampersad

  • Samuel Zakutney


  • Axel Breche

  • Paul Degouy

  • Nicolas Diez

  • Julien Marechal

  • Zachari Hrimeche


  • Artem Dolgopyat

  • Pavel Gulidov

  • Eliran Ioscovich

  • Ilia Liubimov

  • Uri Zeidel


  • Unai Baigorri Alonso

  • Daniel Carrion

  • Pau Jimenez I Fernandez

  • Pablo Ruiz Sanchez

  • Joshua Jack Williams Meehan


  • Abdulla Azimov

  • Khabibullo Ergashev

  • Utkirbek Juraev

Senior Subdivision 1: 6:45 pm local time/ 1:45 pm ET/10:45 am PT


  • Lan Xingyu

  • Shi Cong

  • Sun Wei

  • Yang Jixaing

  • Su Weide


  • Pascal Brendel

  • Nils Dunkel

  • Timo Eder

  • Lucas Kochan

  • Andreas Toba


  • Yumin Abbadini

  • Lorenzo Minh Casali

  • Matteo Levantesi

  • Marco Fortuna

  • Gianmatteo Centazzo


  • Hinata Fujisaki

  • Haruki Fukubayashi

  • Haruto Kamiyama

  • Tomoharu Tsunogai


  • Matteo Noe Giubellini

  • Florian Langenegger

  • Tim Randegger

  • Jan Imhof

  • Dominic Daniel Tamsel


  • Cameron Bock

  • Riley Loos

  • Yul Moldauer

  • Curran Phillips

  • Shane Wiskus


Sunday, March 17, 2024


Mixed Team Cup: 2:30 pm local time/ 9:30 am ET/6:30 am PT

Athletes from Belgium, China, Germany, and USA will compete.


2024 British Championships

Earlier this year at the English Championships, Joe Fraser won the AA over two points ahead of James Hall and Jake Jarman who placed 2nd and third respectively. The British Championships will take place this weekend (March 14 - 17) in Liverpool, UK.

Live Score: BG App (You will need to download it)

Live Stream:

Full Schedule:

Article by: Kensley Behel


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