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Flight Elements, Release Moves

On high bar, there are four element groups that gymnasts need to include in their routines


By Kensley Behel  ND Editor-in-Chief

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July 4, 2023

The most exciting part of high bar routines are flight elements. The most common flight elements are Tkachevs. Tkachevs are single salto skills that have flight over the bar. They can be performed in the laid out, straddled, and in the piked position. Only two Tkachev variations can be performed per routine, unless at least two of the Tkachevs are connected.

Then the gymnast can have a max of three Tkachev elements per routine. The best gymnasts in the world incorporate double flipping skills into their routine called Kovacs or Kovach style skills. There are three other common flight elements. Yamilwaukees, Jaegers, and Gingers.

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