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New Technology in Gymnastics Judging Begins Testing Phase

A new company, Elevien, is trying to change the game in gymnastics coverage and gymnastics judging. With several prominent gymnastics competitions failing to provide adequate coverage for qualifications, Elevien is trying to change the coverage accessibility for all.

Marketed as, "The Whole Gymnastics Competition in a Mobile App," Elevien offers not only event live coverage, but also live digital judging options. High-level gymnastics officials including Vice President of the FIG MAG Technical Committee, Andy Tombs, Vice President of the European Gymnastics Federation, Tom Thingvold, and Men's Techincal Committee Member, Nikolaos Provias, tested the real-time judging application at the 2023 European Gymnastics Championships. Elevien was later tested at the Osijek World Gymnastics Cup in Croatia.

The creators of the app are hopeful that their program will improve the viewer experience from two different angles. They believe that digital scoring will shorten the duration of judging hopefully leading to shorter and more efficient competitions. Finally, Men's Artistic Technical Committee members, Arturs Mickevics and Dmitrii Andreev have stated their desire to "include the audience in the judging and improve the gymnastics viewing experience."

Elevien may be the way forward to shorter and more accessible gymnastics competitions with increased viewer experience. You can download the Elevien app for free here.

Article by: Kensley Behel


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